Zaragoza, Spain

According to clothingexpress, Zaragoza is the fifth largest city in Spain. It is located approximately halfway between Barcelona and Madrid, but despite its proximity to the capital and a major tourist center, it has retained its provincial charm. There is a lot of ancient architecture in Zaragoza, excavations are still ongoing, and more and more new artifacts are periodically found.

Each of the cultures – Roman, Christian, Arab and Jewish – that once reigned in the city, contributed to the creation, development and development of the city as it is known today by 650,000 local residents and thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Any building in Zaragoza is actually a monument to a certain era, whether it is the Christian Cathedral of La Seo and the Basilica of El Pilar or the Arab Palace of Aljaferia – a masterpiece of Muslim culture.

How to get to Zaragoza

There are no direct flights from Russia to Zaragoza, but there is an international airport in the city. You can fly here with one or two transfers in Europe, the journey will take from 8.5 hours, including transfers. The airport is located 12 km from the city center, buses No. 34 or No. 51 leave for the city every half hour, travel time is about 30 minutes, the fare is 2.50 EUR per passenger. The city can also be reached from Madrid or Barcelona by train, bus or car. All trains and buses arrive at Delicias station. From the station to the city center can be reached on city routes No. 34 or No. 51 or by taxi (10 min., about 12-15 EUR).

By train

From Madrid by AVE high speed train (1 hr 18 min) or from Barcelona from Barcelona Sants station by AVE high speed train (1 hr 27 min).

By bus

Zaragoza is less comfortable, but much cheaper to get on the ALSA bus. More than 15 buses depart daily from Madrid (3 hours 54 minutes) and Barcelona (3 hours 44 minutes).

By car

If you are traveling by car from Barcelona, ​​then take the AP-2 and AP-68 highways (3 hours 12 minutes on the way), if from Madrid – the A2 highway (3 hours 15 minutes on the way).

The prices on the page are for August 2021.

Zaragoza Hotels

Zaragoza is a popular city among tourists, so there are a lot of hotels of different price categories here. Most of the hotels are concentrated in the center, within walking distance of key city attractions. An inexpensive “three-ruble note” in the center can be rented for 45-60 EUR per day for a double room, prices for four-star hotels start from 85 EUR per day. A bed in a sparsely populated hostel will cost from 15-30 EUR per day.

Please note that the buildings in the city center are mostly old, this also applies to hotels, so most hotels do not have elevators and heating. Parking in the Old Town is also not easy: it either does not exist, or it is far from the hotel, or it is very expensive.

Just south of the city center is the Delicias area. There are more modern buildings, more parking options, accommodation prices are 15-20% lower, but you will have to walk to the main city attractions. The railway station and bus station are located in the same area.

To the west of the center are the districts of El Gancho and La Almozara, the sights are far from here on foot, but there is silence, green parks and views of the Erbo River.


Luxury brands in Zaragoza are worth looking for in the streets of Francisco de Vitoria, San Ignacio de Layola, Cadiz, Isaac Peral and Cadiz; more democratic shops are located on Don Jaime and Alfonso streets. There are many good shoe stores of local Spanish brands on Paseo de das Damas street, the average price of a pair of shoes is 45-60 EUR. Almost all souvenir shops are concentrated in the town of Anktikvarios on the Plaza de San Brun.

The doors of most shops and shopping centers (Independencia, Puerta Synegia, El Corte Ingles) are open to visitors from 10:00 to 20:00-21:00. Winter sales last from the first week of January to the end of February, and summer sales from July 1 to the end of August.

Behind the football stadium is the largest market in the city, where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, as well as jamon, cheese, olive oil and other Spanish delicacies.

Cuisine and restaurants in Zaragoza

Zaragoza cuisine is well known throughout Spain. Be sure to try the local dishes: cod with garlic and eggs (Bacalao al Ajoarriero), fried young lamb meat (Ternasco Asado), eggs with asparagus sauce (Huevos al Salmorejo), chicken with ham, tomatoes, onion and paprika sauce (Pollo al Chilindron).

In Zaragoza, you should go to tapas bars (from Spanish tapas – snacks). Most of them are concentrated in Casco Viejo – this is how the Old Town is called here. Visit the Calle de los mártires and the Taberna de Doña Casta for an excellent selection of snacks, mainly mushrooms, eggs, cheese and ham.

If you prefer seafood dishes, then the Casa de Mar on Eusebio Blasco Street is your favorite bar of the locals. Prices in catering establishments in Zaragoza are quite democratic. A glass of beer or wine will cost 2-5 EUR, a bottle of wine and 6-8 tapas will cost 22-25 EUR, and dinner in a good restaurant will cost about 40-55 EUR for two.

Service is already included in the check. However, tipping is customary in bars and restaurants, hotels and taxis. The size of the tip depends on the final bill and, as a rule, is 5-10% of the total amount for the service or order.

Zaragoza, Spain