Washington DC and New York

On this trip, we will take you to the US capital Washington DC where we will see most of the famous buildings such as the White House and the Pentagon. On the way to New York we make a stop in Philadelphia which was an important political and cultural meeting place in the 18th century. In New York we get to feel the real metropolitan pulse and here we take part in many sights and landmarks such as Times Square, the Empire State Building, Central Park, Chinatown, Little Italy and the financial district. Of course, you get time on your own for shopping and to stroll around in this multicultural world city also known as The Big Apple and the city that never sleeps, one of the world’s most popular travel destinations.

Washington DC and New York 2

Day 1: Travel to the US
Flight to the US capital Washington DC Upon arrival transfer to the hotel and check-in. In the evening we have a welcome dinner. Overnight stay in Washington DC Meals are included on board the long-haul flight. (Dinner)

Day 2: Washington DC
We are now in the heart of American power! In central Washington, all the famous buildings and monuments are well gathered. We begin our tour by visiting Arlington National Cemetery, where many of America’s most prominent citizens are buried. Not far from here is the Lincoln Memorial. Abraham Lincoln is certainly one of the most popular presidents. During his time, the devastating civil war raged between the southern states and the northern states. In 1863, in the middle of the war, Lincoln issued the famous decree leading to the abolition of slavery. Immediately after the end of the war, he was murdered by a fanatical man from the southern states. We now move a short distance and come to the Vietnam Monument. On the 150-meter-long wall in black basalt are the names of the more than 58,000 soldiers who fell in the Vietnam War. Among all tourists, you always see relatives who have looked up the names of their relatives. Then we walk along the water, The Reflecting Pool, to the huge obelisk Washington Monument to the White House to look at the building where so many world-changing decisions have been made. We then continue past the Smithsonian Museums to Capitol Hill and the United States Capitol. This is where the American Congress, the equivalent of our Riksdag, gathers. Behind Capitol Hill we also get a glimpse of the building where the Supreme Court, the US Supreme Court, is located, as well as the Library of Congress, the US Congress Library. We visit the National Air and Space Museum with world-renowned aircraft such as The Spirit of St. Louis, Space Ship One, Apollo 11 and many others before returning to our hotel. Overnight in Washington DC

Day 3: Washington DC – Philadelphia – New York
In the morning we start the journey towards New York and along the way we first stop at the city of Wilmington. The Swedish colony New Sweden was founded here with the fort Fort Christina in 1638, only 18 years after the English colonizers emigrated to North America. For 17 years, the area was in Swedish ownership, and there are still memories of this the first Swedish colony on American soil! The next break will be in the city of Philadelphia where we visit the Liberty Bell Center with Liberty Bell, the bell of freedom. This watch is a very powerful symbol of American freedom. Another nearby building, Independence Hall, is at least as important in American history. Here, in 1775, George Washington was appointed commander of the Army during the American Revolutionary War. Here was signed one of the world’s most famous documents, the Declaration of Independence,

Day 4: New York
After breakfast we go down to southern Manhattan and see the neighborhood around the Wall Street financial center and the Ground Zero area where the World Trade Center stood. We can now see how far the reconstruction has come. We also have time for a small tour of Chinatown and Little Italy. In these two districts of Manhattan, you can feel moved directly to Beijing or Naples! There are lots of restaurants and shops with signs in Chinese and Italian respectively. The afternoon is for your own adventures! Overnight in New York.

Day 5: New York
This morning we take a walking tour to the heart of New York. We start in Manhattan and 42nd Street and are fascinated by the incredibly intense crowds around Times Square, the traffic where yellow taxis dominate everything in the glow of the neon lights of the billboards. Nearby is the Broadway theater district with all the famous theaters where the world premieres of lots of famous musicals took place: Porgy and Bess, Kiss Me Kate, West Side Story, Spelman on the Roof, Chicago, Phantom of the Opera … We continue the walk to Rockefeller Center between 5th and 6th Avenues. Here is an incredible collection of skyscrapers in various architectural forms, and lots of famous works of art, sculptures, etc. To get a really good overview of New York and Manhattan, we then walk south to the Empire State Building. This building, which was completed in 1931, was the tallest in the world until 1972. It extends a full 449 meters into the sky and is taller than most of the other skyscrapers in the New York Skyline. The afternoon is free for your own activities. Why not buy tickets to one of the current musicals? Overnight in New York.

Day 6: New York
The whole day is free for your own dust trains and adventures. In New York, there is something for everyone. It’s great to just stroll around and let yourself be immersed in the atmosphere. Here are some of the world’s best museums for the art lover, such as the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Modern Art or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But if you would rather immerse yourself in sports, shipping, Chinese history, space shuttles, design or Jewish culture? Don’t worry, there’s a museum for you too! Perhaps the best place to rest tired feet and be entertained by spectacular people is Manhattan’s lung, Central Park, with its 3 square kilometers of area. Shopping is also a popular pastime in “The Big Apple”. You can find everything from upscale branded goods on 5th Avenue or in the Macy’s department store, to cheap watches, bags and jewelry on Canal Street. If you get tired of Manhattan, you can take the subway to Brooklyn to visit the DUMBO area that stands for Down under the Manhattan bridge overpass. It is full of small shops and cozy cafes and the view of Manhattan is perfect! Overnight in New York.

Day 7: New York with Liberty and Ellis Islands – Return from New York
In the morning we go down to southern Manhattan and take a boat out to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. On Liberty Island stands the Statue of Liberty, the statue that for many is the epitome of the United States. We walk around the island and can look at the Statue of Liberty up close. At Ellis Island, we can then have testimonies of how it went for all the millions of hopeful emigrants who came to the United States to try to have a better life. As many as 1.3 million Swedes also had to pass the strict immigration officials who between 1892 and 1954 decided the fate of all emigrants. So our journey is over for this time and we go out to the airport and embark the plane that takes us back to Sweden. Meals are included on board the long-haul flight.

Day 8: Homecoming
Arrival at the boarding place.

Washington DC and New York