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According to barblejewelry, Antalya is the tourist capital of Turkey, a city whose name alone means in our minds – “a great vacation in Turkey.” For more than 2000 years it has been standing on a high bank – Lydians, Lycians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuk Turks and even pirates owned this city until they were replaced by perhaps the most desired conquerors – tourists.

The main attraction of the city is the elegant minaret of the Yivli Mosque, built in the center of the city by the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat in the 13th century. Madrassah Karatay (College of Theology), in the Kaleichi district, belongs to the same period. It is an example of amazing stone carving from the Seljuk era. The two main mosques of the city during the Ottoman Empire are the Murat Pasha Mosque (XVI century), which arouses interest with its decorative tiles, and the Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque (XVIII century).

In the Ataturk and Karaalioglu parks, you will see a magnificent panorama of the city, the azure waters of the bay, mountains that connect with the sky. Here it becomes clear why Antalya has gained fame as a popular resort. For children and adults there is a water park with a variety of water attractions. Take a boat ride in the morning and take advantage of the quietness of the marina in the afternoon to relax. At night, the old city walls, illuminated by spotlights, create an atmosphere of serenity and peace. Antalya will not leave anyone indifferent.


In a picturesque place southwest of Antalya is one of the most famous resorts in Turkey – Kemer. On the slopes of the Taurus Mountains close to the sea, in the shade of magnificent pine forests, there are many modern hotels and clubs.

Once upon a time there was a small fishing village, which has now grown into a beautiful and cozy town with many bars, restaurants, shops and discos. According to legend, the Chimera lived here – a monster with a lion’s head, a goat’s body and a snake’s tail, spewing flames. The ancient hero Bellerophon on the winged horse Pegasus defeated the monster, but the flame did not go out and is still burning on the top of Mount Yanartash.

The majestic ruins of the ancient cities of Olympos and Phaselis attract thousands of tourists every year.

Due to its geographical location and climatic conditions, Kemer is a recognized yacht and diving center.


The modern Belek hotel zone, located 25 km from Antalya, is one of the largest tourism projects in the world, aimed at building only prestigious hotels.

All hotels built here since 1992 and being built to this day belong to the category of comfortable or luxury. Five-star hotels and first-class tourist complexes are built without prejudice to the pine forests and eucalyptus groves that make up the natural wealth of the region.

Belek is an ideal place for lovers of sports and outdoor activities. In September 1994, a national golf club was opened here, one of the largest in the world. Beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear azure sea – all this will make your stay here unforgettable.


Side is a small town located 65 km from Antalya and 7 km from the Manavgat waterfall. Surrounded by modern tourist complexes and beautiful sandy beaches, Side is today one of the busiest resorts in southern Turkey.

Translated from the local Anatolian dialect, the word “Side” means – “pomegranate” – a symbol of fertility in those days. Founded in the 7th century BC. Greek colonists, the peninsular city grew very quickly as a major center of maritime trade, was the most important port of Pamphylia. In 334 BC. the city is under the dominion of Alexander the Great, and in the 1st century BC. Side becomes a hideout for pirates.

The period of prosperity and power of Side is the 2nd century. BC – II century. r.h. During this period, the city, in addition to the center of trade, becomes the center of culture and entertainment. The most unique monuments were built during this period. Now these are the remains of an amphitheater for 15 thousand spectators, a fountain, an agora – the square of city meetings, Roman baths, a necropolis, an aqueduct. The city is a true paradise for lovers of ancient history.

Modern Side does not go beyond the walls of the ancient city. Mirages of the past and the breath of the present live in it.


Alanya, one of the most beautiful cities on the southern coast of Anatolia, was founded in the 4th century. BC and during Roman times was a famous pirate base called Korakesion. The booty of pirate raids was hidden in the fortress, which also served as their headquarters. Later, Mark Antony gave the city and surrounding areas to Cleopatra, who transformed the area and made it her favorite vacation spot.

In the XII century. the city was captured by the Seljuk ruler Alaaddin, who renamed Korakesion into Alaya. Due to its proximity to the Seljuk capital of Konya, Alaya has surpassed Antalya as a commercial and military port.

The main attraction of Alanya is the Byzantine fortress on top of the mountain, towering over the city. The Red Tower, which protected the harbor, has been perfectly preserved. Alanya is also famous for its caves, the most famous of which is Dalmatas.

The beaches of Incekum are covered with fine sand, hence the name of the area. The wide arcuate coast is cut into cozy bays by rock formations protruding into the sea. Small gently sloping beaches are especially suitable for families with children.


Fethiye is an amazing silence, magnificent seascapes and a stunning bay of Olu deniz – the Dead Sea with magnificent beaches. Situated on the slopes of the mountains surrounding it and stretching like a lace along the entire coast of an unusually beautiful bay, Fethiye is one of the most beautiful villages and developed tourist areas in Turkey.

For those who have enough time, you should take a boat and explore the nearby islands. Being in ancient times one of the sea gates of Lycia, known as Telmessos, the city is replete with very attractive places that are worth your attention.

We recommend visiting, located on the eastern slopes of the city, the road to which is not difficult to find, the famous tomb of Amintas left from Lycian times, the remains of a Byzantine church and located near Fethiye and considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – the Dead Sea.

By the way, paragliders have chosen Fethiye as their capital (just like divers – Kemer).


Marmaris… A quiet sea bay with a majestic array of mountains, a dense pine forest. Located at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, Marmaris, with its sandy beaches, picturesque lagoons and mountain ranges, is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey.

Antiquity and modernity, like everything in this region of Turkey, side by side at every turn – diving centers for lovers of this sport are a stone’s throw from the buildings of the ancient Greeks, and on a modern boat you can visit the legendary island of Rhodes for several hours, on which once was one of the wonders of the world – the Ear of Rhodes.

In recent years, Marmaris has gained fame as a real European resort, which does not stop day or night. Young people from all over the world spend their endless holidays here.


One of the main reasons why hundreds of thousands of tourists annually choose Bodrum as a holiday destination is the “crazy” nightlife, a great opportunity to contend with the ancient history of the city and its architectural monuments, as well as a million opportunities for lovers of shopping.

There is no industry in the Bodrum area that could harm nature, so vacationers have a rare opportunity to practice all possible types of scuba diving.

In Bodrum, everyone finds the perfect vacation option for themselves – a bustling non-stop life in shops, bars, restaurants and discos, easily combined with a measured and relaxing holiday in secluded club hotels or yacht trips.

More recently, 60 years ago, Bodrum was just a small fishing village. Today it is a resort city that combines different cultures.

Bodrum attracts lovers of ancient history like a magnet thanks to its many historical monuments. First of all, this is the Mausoleum, which since ancient times was considered one of the seven wonders of the world, today it is a city museum. It contains a topographic map of the city and a model of the mausoleum, which provide an opportunity for a more detailed acquaintance with the city and its most important buildings.

This is also an ancient theater that has been preserved in its original beauty since the reign of Mausolos (377 353 BC). Still entire city walls were also built during this period. Their main attraction is the Myndos Gate, surrounded on both sides by towers. In the autumn of 334 BC. Alexander the Great tried to enter the city through this gate, but his attempt was unsuccessful.

The ancient fortress of Bodrum towers majestically above the peninsula, surrounded by seas on three sides. Its fortifying towers were built by French, English, German, Italian and Spanish knights.

This fortress, one of the few fortresses in the Mediterranean that has retained the grandeur of its buildings, is home to the world’s largest underwater archipelago. Bodrum Fortress, which has become a venue for various exhibitions, attracts the attention of numerous guests not only from Turkey, but also from all over the world. If Ankara is the official capital of Turkey, then Bodrum is undoubtedly considered the capital of culture and entertainment.

A majestic medieval castle built by the Knights of Rhodes guards the entrance to Bodrum Bay, the meeting point of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

Herodotus was born in Bodrum. Here is also the burial place of King Mausolus (4th century BC) – one of the “seven wonders” of the world of the Ancient World. The city’s castle of St. Peter is an example of the medieval architecture of the Crusaders (XV century). Today it houses the Museum of Underwater Archeology, which houses finds dating back to the Bronze Age. Göktepe is a favorite place for tourists who want to take pictures of the local theater, built in the 2nd century. From here a magnificent panorama opens up.

Resorts in Turkey