Paraguay Constitution and Defense

Constitution. – The current constitution in Paraguay is still the one sanctioned on November 24-25, 1870, after the long war against Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

For it, Paraguay is constituted as a republic, in which the executive power belongs to a president, assisted by a vice-president, who is elected for a four-year term by means of a two-degree electoral system: the electoral body designates its representatives, in number four times that of the senators and deputies who make up the Congress; these representatives elect the head of state in the various departmental capitals. The Congress, that is, the senators and deputies gathered, have the task of proclaiming elected the candidate who has obtained the absolute majority of votes (at least two thirds of the departments must participate in the vote). If no candidate for the presidential seat succeeds in obtaining an absolute majority, the Congress elects the president from among the two candidates who have obtained, by the representatives, the largest number of votes. The president can be re-elected only eight years after the expiry of his mandate; head of the executive power, he can conclude treaties, subject to the approval of the Congress, he can declare war or sign peace, but with the authorization of the Congress; has the right of suspensive veto in respect of laws approved by the Chambers. However, if a law is voted again by the latter, the right of veto ceases. has the right of suspensive veto in respect of laws approved by the Chambers. However, if a law is voted again by the latter, the right of veto ceases. has the right of suspensive veto in respect of laws approved by the Chambers. However, if a law is voted again by the latter, the right of veto ceases.

According to jibin123, legislative power rests with the Congress, which is made up of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. Deputies are elected for a four-year term, one for every 6000 residents, by universal and compulsory suffrage and with the proportional system; they are renewed, halfway, every two years. Senators are elected for six years, one for every 12,000 residents; they are renewed, for a third, every two years. President of the Senate is, by right, the vice-president of the republic. While the Chamber of Deputies is solely responsible for promoting laws of a financial and military nature, the Senate acts as the High Court of Justice if the Chamber decides to accuse the president or vice-president of the republic, as permitted by the constitution, ministers, generals and senior magistrates.

For a total or partial revision of the constitution, a two-thirds majority resolution of Congress is required; the revision itself, however, must be entrusted to a special convention, elected by the electoral body, from which ministers, deputies and senators must be excluded.

Army. – Paraguay has an army of the “permanent conscription” type, composed (balanced force) of about 100 officers and 2900 non-commissioned officers and enlisted men. Its supreme head is the president of the republic who, in peacetime, delegates command to the minister of war and navy, assisted by a general staff. Coordination of the military organization of the state is provided by the “national defense council”, chaired by the president of the republic. The territory of the state is divided into 5 military regions (Concepción, Asunción, Pilar, Encarnación, El Chaco) and 13 recruiting districts.

The troops, whose maximum unit is represented by the regiment, variously distributed in the territory of the aforementioned military regions, are made up of: 4 infantry regiments, of which 1 reserve (18 companies, of which 4 of machine guns); 1 cavalry regiment (3 squadrons) and 1 section of mounted machine guns; 2 artillery batteries; 1 company of genius diggers. The few services (health, police station), gathered in special nuclei, form an integral part of the infantry and cavalry regiments.

Paraguay has 6 military aircraft.

The military schools include: 1 high school of war; a military school (30 cadets); a military administration school; a non-commissioned officers school; a military nursing school; a military health school; a mechanical students school.

Military service is compulsory for all citizens: from the 18th to the 20th year, in the active army; 20 to 45, in the reserve (20 to 29: active army reserve; 29 to 39: national guard; 39 to 45: territorial guard).

Navy. – The navy of Paraguay, after the radiation of the units of low military value (4 gunboats and 2 transports), which took place in 1923, is currently (1934) constituted by: 2 gunboats, Humaita and Paraguay, built by the Odero factories (Genoa) and entered service in 1931, from 845 tons. and 17 knots, armed with 4/120 and 3/76; 3 armed tugs, Capitán Cabral, Tagnari and Coronel Martínez of 80 tons. and 9-12 knots, armed with pieces of 76. The construction of 2 lookouts of 100 tons is planned. The naval base is Asunción on the Río Paraguay.

Paraguay Defense