Adventure in Iceland

Challenge yourself with a 4WD and volcanic trekking on the Thorsmork Valley, snorkel between two continents in Thingvellir, get close to humpback whales, experience the impressive Gulfoss waterfall, enjoy the atmosphere in Reykjavik and see the world’s oldest geysers in Haukadalur.

Iceland offers lots of adventure experiences and we have tried to gather the most delicious in one and the same trip. You have Reykjavik as a base during the trip where you can enjoy the city’s many fantastic restaurants, cozy cafes and cool nightlife. From Reykjavik you have three unique day trips included: Golden Circle and snorkeling in Silfra Fissure, 4WD and volcanic trekking in Thorsmork Valley as well as whale watching.
It is of course possible to extend the trip and add experiences and adventures such as Icelandic horse riding, paragliding, glacier trekking, snowmobiling and helicopter excursions.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia and arrival in Iceland

Departure from Scandinavia towards Reykjavik where you will arrive the same day. Once there, take the bus from Keflavik and the airport to Reykjavik where your hostel is central and close to most things. Reykjavik is one of Europe’s hottest cities with a rich cultural life, lots of activities, concerts, restaurants, bars and cafes. It is easy to explore the city on foot or by bike.

Day 2: Golden Circle and snorkeling in Silfra Fissure

Departure in the morning to three of Iceland’s biggest attractions: Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss and Geysir. These three “must-sees” are generally called the Golden Circle. The first stop is Thingvellir National Park where you get the opportunity to snorkel in the cold and crystal clear water between the continental plates. While floating between Europe and North America, you have a view of 100 meters. From Thingvellir the journey goes to Iceland’s most beautiful waterfall; Gullfoss. Here you can walk to different viewpoints and enjoy the impressive nature. The last stop is at Geysir, a geometric area with hot springs, bubbling mud and powerful geysers.

Day 3: Humpback whales, humpback whales and dolphins

You meet up with your local guide at the port of Reykjavik. After a safety check, the boat leaves the quay to look for the giants of the sea. During the period April to October, up to 20 different whale species can be seen in the waters off the coast of Iceland, including humpback whales and whales. You can also see dolphins. The ship has three different outdoor observation decks and an indoor lounge. The rest of the day you can explore the city’s museums and galleries on your own. You can also book a visit to the Blue Lagoon which is located just outside the city. Enjoy swimming in the warm, turquoise blue water where the barren lava cliffs form a beautiful and contrasting backdrop to the spectacular lagoon.

Day 4: Volcano trek and 4WD in Thorsmork Valley

You will be picked up at your hostel early in the morning by your trekking guide who accompanies you and the rest of the group throughout the hike. From Reykjavik you go 4WD to Thorsmork Valley. On the way you make a stop at Iceland’s most iconic waterfall; Seljalandsfoss. The last stretch goes on gravel roads, across rivers through valleys surrounded by glaciers and volcanoes. The hike starts from the Bazaar to the Fimmvorouhals volcano, an active volcano that had its most recent eruption in 2010. The route is challenging and about 20 kilometers long. During the hike, your guide will tell you about nature and the unimaginable forces that shaped the landscape. There will be several stops along the way and it includes a packed lunch that is enjoyed outdoors. After about 6-8 hours of hiking, you return to the Bazaar and drive back to Reykjavik. ( L )

Day 5: Departure from Keflavik

Today the trip goes back to Scandinavia. You go out to the airport yourself where the flight goes back to Scandinavia.

Overnight stays

Four nights in a hostel in Reykjavik.
You can of course change the type of accommodation to hotels, B & Bs, etc.

Adventure in Iceland