ZTE Grand X Pro in the Test

Despite favourable price his Grand is ZTE X Pro in a tasty-looking envelope and – it soon becomes clear in the test – fobs off the buyer even when the inner workings with low-fat diet.

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Is it blasphemy to claim that the ZTE Grand X Pro in the style reminiscent of an iPhone 3 G? Only, that it is modern in the sleek lines and the choice of materials. About the metal frame that is surrounding the whole display is striking. He’s mechanically so stable that the Smartphone should survive even strong shock and slight falls.

In addition, he forms the basis of the very flat with about nine millimetres, but yet rigid construction. Only when the weight, he takes a toll: 146 grams which is ZTE Grand X Pro far harder in the hand, as it suggests the slim design.

But that contributes to the impression of the value, especially since the generously rounded sides and the handy coated plastic lid are comfortable to access. From the first impression here, ZTE Grand offers so far more than the reasonable price await X Pro.

Equipment: Chip, memory, good radio

But the value of a Smartphone will be measured not only by outward appearances, but primarily according to what is inside. What is striking is that ZTE after the Intel CPU in the Grand X IN also in the Grand X Pro again on a very rarely used processor sets – a Mediatek MTK6577T with two cores and 1.2 GHz clock frequency. Which shows quite grown to normal requirements, a liquid use of smartphones is virtually all items of course.

For the price range okay is available 2.1 GB of Flash memory, for ambitious app users this can be but scarce. Great pictures, video and music collections can be outsourced to an optional MicroSD card. Supported officially up to 32 gigabytes, the test was also an already formatted 64 GB card.

Choosing a processor is accompanied by the choice of modem and radio sections often goes. Here notice that the Grand X Pro does not support some of the standards used by operators of the American continent (GSM 850, UMTS 850, UMTS 1900).

All important in Germany and Europe transfer types other than LTE dominated it but – and in the UMTS network is with HSPA up to 14.4 Mbit / s in the down and 5.76 Mbit / s in the upload more than afloat on the road. The radio service itself is somewhat below average in GSM and UMTS, which is perhaps due to the metal frame.

Software: Lovingly maintained

The extraordinarily long list of supported Bluetooth profiles is positive in terms of radio. Here, the care with the ZTE’s engineers in the development have been reflected as generally in the software facilities. Version 4.0.4, although not the latest version of Android is installed, but the additions to find acclaim.

So, ZTE has waived the solo efforts of other manufacturers in the user interface. You often complicate operation and make the user difficulties in the brand change.

ZTE, which changed to important apps through MI-easy access, lock screen with quick start is easy to configure how to use and fits seamlessly into the loading service philosophy of Android.

There are also extensions such as the Profile Manager, which allows you to create special profiles for particular situations and to use. Grave goods such as the Kingsoft Office suite, a file manager, a sound recorder and an Assistant to the simple pairing Bluetooth keyboard and mouse complete the operating system.

Also offers ZTE Grand X Pro, you can quickly write SMS with default or even manufactured, stored text templates.

Display: Amazing good display

In addition to the software, of course the screen affects the quality of a Smartphone. This is the Grand X Pro both given diagonal by 4.5 inches as well the resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels very generously designed and thus offers a control and the reading comfort, which must be bought elsewhere more expensive.

In the brightest sunshine, the image quality while naturally subsides, but retained the readability. Overall, the Grand-X-Pro display exceeds also raised expectations.

Laboratory measurements: Endurance and telephony top

In addition to the use of smart is a mobile phone to make phone calls. Here, the ZTE shows good to very good sound quality with talk times by good five (UMTS) over twelve hours (GSM 1800).

Also in the endurance determined over a typical application cycle reached the phone equipped with a non-interchangeable 2000 mAh battery less than five and a half hours, which is connect in the endurance a ‘Very good’ value.

Conclusion: Operated far beyond price

Even though the price in some detail is noticeable as in the not too lush memory, outweighs the positive impression. The high-quality, elegant housing, where is an above-average display, gives the feeling to be been served X Pro well beyond price with the Grand in daily use. 395 points for 279 euro confirm this impression.