ZTE Firefox Smartphone:Ebay Selling For $ 79

The emerging Chinese manufacturer ZTE uses Firefox OS for the sale of the first Smartphone with the new operating system on the popular online auction site eBay. So, the ZTE Smartphone on eBay UK for the current price of 59.99 pounds is listed.

Direct sales via eBay for other renowned manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung and LG is rather unusual. ZTE but relies on this path and provides the Smartphone open with Firefox OS on eBay for sale. The Chinese now announced this in an official press release. It is highlighted that eBay due to the international popularity as a distribution channel has been selected. While the ZTE open stands on eBay UK for 59.99 pounds available, the model on the U.S. side of the online auction house costs $ 79.99. Still, an order is not offered at the present time. Only the shops within eBay are already available.

Cheap Smartphone alternative for beginners

The ZTE open features a 3.5-inch display, which offers a fairly low resolution of 480 x 320 pixels. Also works in the Interior of the Smartphones 1 GHz Qualcomm chip. Voice features are not possible with the ZTE open, because it is installed no camera on the front. A 3.2 mega pixel camera available is available only on the rear of the model. These recordings can be stored on the 512 MB small internal memory. Using a microSD card capacity is also to maximize on up to 32 GB. Of course, the ZTE Smartphone also features all current wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Module the Chinese build a GPS as well.

It is not yet known whether the ZTE open in Germany is distributed. Interested parties can but ever look at the ZTE deal on eBay UK and import the Firefox OS smartphone as an alternative.