Zara Spring/Summer 2012. Looks for All Tastes in Its First Season Teaser Trailer

One of the campaigns, which traditionally raises much expectation is the of Zara, Although lately have hobby to let us with honey on the lips and in the male section the number of looks shown is very small if compared to for example the female campaign.

Anyway the looks are few but enough to guess for where will be the guidelines for this next Zara spring/summer 2012 with proposals that are sure not leave indifferent. We discovered them?

It seems that one of the bets come in foma’s pastel shades. The look of the cover well leaves him clearly, shades of soft, fresh and wearable as that pair of pants in shades of pink from washout aspect and a shirt in a subtle blue light.

A trend that is not exclusive in Zara since there are several firms that begin to bet on this kind of shades, (H & M also included pants in shades of pastel in its first preview of season).

Another curious commitment to freshness in the looks is that we see in the image above. Eye returning to load the white trousers, a garment that gives much play although it has its peculiarities when combining.

The Huntress in tone grey cream also reminds us that the neutral tones they begin to take prominence by the time of color block to pass to best life, at least for this spring-summer.

As expected it was matter of time that Zara is launched in full by the printed shirts, Although in this case it is not the end of hawainas shirts.

What is true that is committed to the colorful inspired by a pattern reminiscent of the paisley. Interesting also the American Navy, the classics never die.

This last proposal could well pass for any look of Alexander Wang. Touch minimalist and the black as the main protagonist in this monochromatic look sophisticated.

Eye to the Gladiator sandals, another classic returns to scene, which is that anyone would say that we have moved backwards two years ago in terms of the proposals.

A promising start without doubt, proposals for all tastes and colors, something that not always happened with previous advances in collection. Now just wait and see if the intentions are realized or simply this has become a mere mirage.