Yuki Fishing Yarns

If you are looking for softness, firmness and high resistance in a fishing line, certainly the possibility of fulfilling your expectations you will have in Yuki fishing threads, in the online fishing store pescacosmar.com you will find all the lines of fishing threads in This mark.

Yuki fishing yarns are generally especially knot resistant, perfect for spinning, these yarns are world renowned thanks to which they are used by fishermen dedicated exclusively to high competition. With the use of the Yuki threads, success is guaranteed during the fishing action.

Having a good fishing line is one of the most important parts to make the fishing day a success, not only the cane used or the different fishing tools are important, the fishing line is essential to get top quality fishing.

Yuki Fishing Fishing Lines

The Fishing Line Of The Firm Yuki Is Undoubtedly a sign of distinction between the different fishing threads that exist today in the market, whether you are fond of sport or if you are a recognized and prestigious fisherman of competition is essential that you use Signatures like this that will mark that difference in the knowledge of this sport.

This yarn is of superior quality and offers excellent benefits, among its benefits it is highlighted its invisibility in some of the products of this firm, also shows the high resistance both in the river as fishing in the sea or next to the rocks. A thread ready to be used in catches that require the highest hold. Its manufacturer recommends it for use in any type of fishing and guarantees its stability. Buying fishing yarns Yuki is sure that you know the world of fishing and that you hope to get the best items for an exemplary fishing day. The analysis and tests through which the thread passes to achieve a 100% guaranteed manufacturing make this brand manage to remove highly resistant threads against abrasion, saltpeter or rays of the sun.

In Pescacosmar online store you can buy Yuki fishing yarn at a very good price, this website keeps all year excellent prices so you can buy everything that is needed for sport fishing or fishing for simple hobby. You’ll find Yuki’s lines of flourocarbono standing out for being world famous threads.

Some Examples Of Yuki Fishing Threads

Yuki 3g Invisible

The invisible Yuki 3G yarn is manufactured with the most advanced fishing techniques, a thread that, as its name indicates, is completely invisible, a monofilament of superior quality and high resistance to the knot, sea salinity, UV rays And to the abrasion an excellent fishing thread that can be found at a really cheap price that can be used and adapted for any type of fishing. This third generation fishing line will meet the expectations of any fisherman covering 100% of their fishing needs. It is used as either spool thread or mother line. It works with the level wind system ie the winding in parallel, in its manufacture receives an extra silicone coating this process is called as Fluorince Coating Process and allows greater strength and elasticity. It is an ideal thread to make great sets and for the presentation of baits. The invisible Yuki 3G fishing line has no mechanical memory.

Yuki Massimo One

Yuki’s Massimo One yarn is a very innovative yarn made with the most powerful Japanese technology, it produces invisibility under water thanks to its crystal color presentation, a monofilament that stands out for its high resistance very suitable for competitive fishing. This wire perfectly supports the abrasion, UV rays and salinity thanks to the treatment with which it has been prepared, it has been a wire subjected to test meter by meter with specialized micro laser sensors for this purpose that guarantee the maximum precision and its correct manufacturing. A very advisable thread to use in the sport fishing mode surfcasting. With the purchase of this thread you will enjoy the best guarantee in fishing threads at a very reduced price.

Yuki Trenzados De Pesca

The braided fishing  Yuki zero elasticity provide high strength while being impermeable, as these twisted Yuki has a variety of products to meet the demands of fishing, there is twisted for fishing squid, Octopus and other cephalopods, or braided for jigging and spinning. Among the twisted lines is the Ultra Pe Line.

Ultra Pe Line De Yuki

Yuki’s Ultra Pe Line line is a braided line, this line has a braid that has 8 strands, is highly resistant and stands out among many other brands of fishing threads that are currently available, it resists Perfectly abrasion by rubbing or friction, supports the salinity and is perfectly resistible to the rays of the sun, whatever the inclemencies of the time the braided line Ultra Pe Line meets the objectives for which it has been manufactured. This fishing braid is ideal for fishing at 300m Jigging. Of coil allow to achieve powerful reach. With this braiding you will get everything specially calculated getting to the desired depth and the fishing distance that is required in each place. Allows a resistance from 0.28mm to 25kg to 0.40mm to 45kg.

Nylon Fishing Lines

In the online shop pescacosmar you have the best lines of nylon fishingmanufactured by the most current and guaranteed marks of the market, brands that have achieved their success thanks to the excellent manufacture of highly resistant fishing threads, manufactured with advanced technologies and Perfect for use irrespective of the weather or the places where fishing is decided. Nylon fishing lines are ready for winding or for making different tackle for fishing.

Yuki Osaka 3g

The Osaka 3G nylon fishing line is a third generation line, its greatest virtue is its high resistance to abrasion and knots, advisable to use in the mode of surfcasting, jigging and rock fishing, with this thread the The fisherman’s work is much simpler thanks to the fact that he will not have to make the continuous change of his coil even if the fishing places are more complicated than usual. The price of this thread is quite economical and is available in the online store and ready for shipment. Its resistance is from 0.28mm to 25kg to 0.40mm to 45kg.

Yuki Orata

The nylon fishing line Yuki Orata is made of the latest silica sand color, is a line highly resistant to knot and tension and is quite soft, suitable for practicing the sport fishing mode surfcasting, sold in reels of 250metros and has a resistance of 0.12mm to 1.850kg to 0.50mm to 27.500kg.

Yuki Perfect 3g

The Yuki Perfect 3G nylon line is a third generation terpolymer monofilament crystal clear tone, is especially indicated for winding the reels, by its composition and manufacture has maximum hardness with a high resistance to the knot, the friction or breakage. This nylon line is used for the surfcasting modality although it is also used for spinning and carp-fishing, sold in reels of 300 meters at an excellent price, its resistance ranges from 0.12mm to 1.750kg to 0.60mm to 34.125 Kg.

Jumper Cristal

The Yuki Jumper Crystal nylon line is manufactured and sold in two color tones, gray tone and crystal tone are available. Yuki yarn is highly resistant and balanced, the coil is 300 meters and adapts to any mode of fishing, its resistance varies according to its color tone, nylon line Jumper Gray has resistance from 0.26mm to 5.630kg up to 0, 50mm to 22,750kg and the Jumper Crystal nylon line has resistance from 0.30mm to 8.500kg up to 0.50mm to 22.750kg.

Yuki Blue Igfa Big Game 1000 Mt

The Yuki Blue IGFA Big Game nylon line 1000 meters is blue tone, a thread made of 100% polyester, indicated for bottom fishing, with trolling and Big Game. It has a high resistance thanks to its winding, is a velvety touch wire that helps to make the fishing more pleasant, has a strong elasticity and high resistance to the knot, ideal for big fish fishing, for its manufacture meets the quality Of the regulations of IGFA allowing to pass through any test that is considered necessary in order to confirm and carry out its homologation by this organization.