YouTube is Clean: Closed Accounts Will be Removed From the Subscriber Counter

The Google will start soon a general clean on its video site: accounts that were created but excluded will be removed from the subscriber counter. What they claim it is “to improve the counter integrity”, that is, show more precisely the actual number of people who will watch a channel on YouTube and prevent these numbers are artificially inflated.

“The subscriber count is an important metric for all partners,” says Nathan, one of YouTube officials announced the change. So not only the site of the deleted accounts will be removed from the subscriber counter as well as subscription channels will be examined more carefully “to prevent the artificial increase in subscribers.

This happened because people used techniques signing mass channels and such subscriber will no longer be included in the counter. This system used to detect the artificial subscriber growth, moreover, is similar to that used to prevent inflation of video views. So you can say that YouTube already have a great knife and cheese in hand. Only lack the will to cut.

The announcement was made on the 25th in a video on the site partners to support channel. In it the two YouTube staff David and Nathan explain the reason and the consequences of these changes. If you understand English, follow the video below.