You Won’t Like What Hiding Sophie the Giraffe…

In trying to clean up one of the favorite toys of her baby, a mother discovers a bad surprise in the bowels of Sophie the giraffe…

Dana Chianese is both MOM and pediatric dentist and she takes very seriously the choice of toys for his two sons. The professional regularly recommend parents to buy toys such as Sophie the giraffe so baby can get the top teeth. Until last month when Dana felt a strange smell coming from Sophie the giraffe while she was cleaning the. The mother decided to open the toy and was surprised by what she found inside. “Smelly and disgusting mold lived in the toy for my child’s favorite teeth !”, this is indignant Dana Chianese from the Goodhousekeppingsite. Yet, the MOM says that she cleaned very often toy with warm water and SOAP, as indicated on the notice. “It hurts me to know that for months I left my children bite moldy toys”, has t – she added after that never more it only would take to buy this type of toy.

Following this alert from December 2016, many parents have in turn inspected the inside of Sophie the giraffe to reach the same conclusion. Besides, a MOM had warned consumers on the Amazon site in February 2016: “Attention! If you have a drooling baby, moisture can be deposited through the hole and you will end up with mold! We have our two years now and the Interior is filled with mold! “, she wrote.

Brrrr of Sophie’s yesterday in verdwijnen of prullenbak!

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PHOTOS | Worried parents inspect the toy “Sophie the giraffe”:

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The manufacturing company is trying to reassure parents

It is the French company Vulli , which produces Sophie the giraffe. After being contacted by several Anglo-Saxon media, the company defended herself by leaning on the maintenance recommendations supplied with the toy. “As indicated on the packaging and in the instructions for use inside the package, we recommend to clean the surface of Sophie the giraffe with a damp cloth”, comments the Group emphasizing the fact that do not immerse the toy or pass water into the hole well.
Furthermore, Vulli officials assured that they had received no complaints of Dana Chianese or anyone else.

However some health professionals are reassuring in the face of this phenomenon, like Lyuba Konopasek, Associate Professor in Pediatrics at New York Presbyterian medical center. The latter reminds on site Care as the mold is relatively safe for children, unless they have weaker immune systems. As the Professor recommended wash toys likely to be updated in the mouth at least once a week and leave them to dry in the open air.