You Know What Is Inside The Hub of Curiosity: The God of GodüS

Almost a year ago Peter Molyneux announced the game Curiosity, a game where he had to chop between billions of cubes that form a cube even bigger, but that only destrozase the last cube would be which managed an award. Peter said that it would be a prize that would change the life of the one who won it, phrase with which many are taunted him.

Finally, after months of trying to find out what it is containing cube-based press indefinite times on the hub, we know the prize. To do this we have to go back to see Godüs, the second game of his company, which will also come to Android. There we will have to manage a so all-powerful, Almighty God who is who has broken the last block of the cube.

Thus, the award is be the own God of Godüs, so whenever someone play the game susodidicho control to Bryan Henderson of Edinburgh, the winner. It not only means that your image will appear, but you will also receive a cash prize.

Whenever someone buy a DLC for the game, Bryan will receive a small part, with what really was a prize that will change your life. We will have to wait and see the outcome, although Godüs take time to arrive.