Yes, I Do! With Glasses For Wedding

If there is a supplement that has become our perfect ally 365 days a year are sunglasses. The glasses have been gaining ground, little by little, until becoming an essential complement to complete any look.

The sunglasses are already part of our life to such an extent that many couples do not let go of them or on the day of their wedding; An increasing trend in the hipster version. We present the best wedding glasses.

A Different Look: Glasses For Wedding

At this point in the spring, you are sure to have at least one wedding date from a friend, relative or your own on the calendar. Concluded  Barcelona Bridal Week and with all the bridal proposals that will be trend next year hovering in our head, it’s time to get down to work to shine that great day. The good time arrives, the weddings arrive and the typical question, what do I wear?  If you choose the outfit that take the most special of our lives or Bridesmaids day is no easy task, to accompany him to asunglasses neither is… not just any glasses! Moreover, the protocol also reaches this complement.

If you decide to complete your bridal look with beautiful sunglasses you should know that:

  1. We will put them when theweddingis in the morning
  2. We can do it when theweddingis outdoors
  3. We willremove them to eatand we will put them when the free bar begins
  4. We will avoid taking them always put to leave in all the photos with the covered eyes

Most Recommended Brands

The brands know that the sunglasses or graduated are some more in this type of events therefore they offer special collections commensurate with this day.

If your style is sophisticated and you want everyone to remember what glasses you wore that day here are some proposals.

Bulgari Rhinestones Glasses

For those who can not get rid of glasses or do not want to wear contact lenses that day there are some options

The offer, as you see, is quite broad,  by which do you choose?