World Cup Nardoni and iPad Couple were Most Searched Yahoo Brazil in 2010

The Google yesterday released the list of items most sought in Brazil and worldwide. Larissa Riquelme, considered the muse of the World Cup, was the great characters that motivated most of Brazilian research in service search. But what about Yahoo? Without any fanfare, the main competitor Google released last week its list of most wanted in Brazil.

Similar to Google we have the World Cup, which drew attention and was the subject most sought throughout the year. Indeed such an event does not go blank, both appearing first in Yahoo and Google (represented by Larissa Riquelme, it seems).

Below you can see the complete list of the most searched topics on Yahoo Brazil during the year:

  1. World Cup.
  2. Elections.
  3. Goalkeeper Bruno.
  4. Lady Gaga
  5. Chilean miners.
  6. Justin Bieber.
  7. São Luiz do Paraitinga.
  8. iPad.
  9. Judgment Nardoni couple.
  10. Santos.

The question I ask is if there were more searches for positive or negative things. Certainly the elections and the World Cup are very good events but Bruno case, the tragedy of the Chilean miners and the situation of destruction in São Luiz do Paraitinga were also very sought and are essentially bad situations.

This whole story, only one of the items is related to technology: the iPad, which was released in January this year by Apple (but now in December began to be officially sold in Brazil). Less bad.