Wooden Lamps

What would a room without lights? All rooms in our house have at least one: the kitchen, living room, bedroom … And lamps can not only be beautiful, but they are also very useful.

We bring you the latest in wooden lamps, as these lamps fit any space of the house and the wood also is highly valued in the world of decoration material.


If anything characterizes the wood is its infinite possibilities of decoration. Here’s a list of some wooden lamps with which to decorate any space in your home. Take note!

  1. Wooden ceiling lamps
  2. Bamboo lamps
  3. Hemp lamps
  4. Lamps wooden rods
  5. Linden wood lamps


Wooden lamps fit in almost all styles: rustic, nordic, vintage … To achieve the perfect look, you must properly combine as advised by http://www.craftinlearning.com/2016/04/27/table-lamp-guide/. For example, you can opt for a turquoise for a Nordic style or weathered wood for a rustic or vintage style. Choose your style and be consistent with it.