Women’s Shoes Size 43 – Live On A Large Foot

If women need women’s shoes in large sizes, the search for the right shoe can quickly become an odyssey. At Deerberg we were increasingly asked for ladies’ shoes in size 43, so we have expanded our range.

What Does Ladies’ Shoes Size 43?

Shoe size 43 does not mean that the feet are 43 centimeters long, as shoe-wiki says. However, the length is the measure for determining the shoe size. In Europe, the length of the groin is indicated in the Parisian stitch. Circa 27 to 27.7 cm long are female feet, which fits size 43. Of course, the width of the shoes also plays a role.

The Usual Shoe Sizes

Most of the women wear Pirmasens shoes in size 38 or 39 according to the research institute Pirmasens. Of course the selection of women’s shoes of these sizes is the largest. It has also been shown that more and more women are living on a large scale. 7 per cent of women wear shoes from size 42. Great feet are therefore no rarity any more: 41 and 42 are now quite common sizes.

No wonder, then, that our customers asked more often for ladies’ shoes size 43. “The desire for oversized women’s shoes is growing. That’s why I am now happy to offer 30% of our women’s shoes up to size 43! “, Says our shoe buyer Christina.

Article Selection For Shoes Up To Size 43