Women’s Sandals Piccadilly-Collection

Piccadilly women ‘s  sandals have  always been an object of desire for many women due to the glamor, elegance and quality invested in each pair.  The brand watches over women’s preference for years, surprising consumers with more and more up-to-date collections, according to fashion trends. Now for the  Piccadilly Spring Summer 2010 collection , the sandals will come with a touch of the 50’s with a dash of romanticism and also the folk influence.

In fact, four groups will be highlighted, being Maxi Therapy, Contemporary, Classic and Fashion, each investing in different characteristics, that cater to the tastes of different women and styles. Sandals, flip-flops, sneakers, skirts, peep toes and papers will have round, thin beaks, as well as their synthetic fabric material. Some preferences will continue to peak, such as platforms, slim heels and half-paws, as dentistrymyth says.

Now remembering that the cold fall and winter season require warmer footwear, but always ensuring the taste and trends of fashion, which has never been a problem for Piccadilly. In this season the shoes will be divided between high heels and slender heels, which highlights two occasions that are social and casual. An idea that has dominated both the footbridges and the feet of the elegant women are the ankle boots, and also boots of medium pipe, which with a touch of common sense and combination of clothes will fall perfectly for any occasion. In any case check also the moccasin, Chanel, mule and shoe, all present on the official site along with information, prices and everything you need to know about your favorite brand of shoes!