Women’s Linen Trousers

The current fashion brings women’s linen pants to the female universe as another alternative for you to feel beautiful and powerful women, because they are versatile and sophisticated.

These trousers offer an excellent trim and can be used on summer days by combining with lightweight parts and guarantee a perfect look and a lot of freshness.

And for your look to be perfect you should use looser models that do not mark the body, because as the fabric is thin, any mark as the unwanted grease or even the panties will become quite evident.

Bringing high or low waistband, and waistband usually closed with a button, these also have little prongs that make the models even more solitary and beautiful. With both front and rear pockets, the models are modern and very stylish.

These pants can bring variations even as in pantalona, ​​straight, flare or tapering models. And can be combined with skirts, shoes and heels. And you can combine it with shirts, and sweaters in varied models, and also with regatinhas.

Lighter-toned models such as white, salmon and pastel tones can be used for social situations. So, bet on the women’s linen flannel models and you will not regret it!