Women’s Leather Jacket

Winter is coming, in some cities the cold promises to be intense, it’s time to get your women’s leather jacket, right?

The history of leather jacket dates from a sad period of humanity, the second world war. To protect the airline pilots of the cold of high altitudes the army spent to supply jackets made of leather, known as a bomber jacket. In parallel, in the post-war period the bikes were the object of desire of Americans and to protect themselves from possible falls, began to use the leather jackets which are resistant offered good protection.

But it was in 1953, with the film The Wild One which the jacket became popular. In the film, Marlon Brando lives a biker gang leader, from then on, the jacket came to prominence and became a symbol of rebellion.

Since then, several moves against existing social standards used leather jackets, like the punks and the headbangers. Since then the jacket was consolidated in our society and today there are several models for all tastes.

The women’s leather jacket is powerful, as well as keep you warm in cold temperatures gives a great style, gives an up amazing in look. With the winter can compose many looks super fashions. I especially see the jacket as a Joker, she combines with almost everything! For women who are not devotees of the black, calm, there are leather jackets in other colors.

There is still the option of synthetic leather jackets, usually derived from latex, polyurethane, polypropylene and polyvinyl. Not to make a mistake at the time of choice, the real leather tends to be more erratic, more elastic and has a characteristic smell.

Women’s leather jacket with Dress

Some of the compositions of cool looks that can be done is with dresses, in case I used a lace dress. When cold, a thick dark panty-hose can be used.

Women’s leather jacket with long gown

With long dresses is super stylish, I think that’s the way I like to use. If the dress is monochromatic, gives a broken cool.

Women’s leather jacket with Pants

With jeans give super right, but if you like dare, can use with leggings and even sweatpants! With the right accessories, the end result is great.

Women’s leather jacket with Shorts

With shorts try to compose a look with a tennis, is super cool in the cold can use with tights or leggings.

These were the tips of today, you saw how many looks you can compose? Now you can enter the winter with a lot of style.