Women’s Cardigan

For the days when the temperature begins to fall, when we think about which pieces of clothing to use these days more pleasing or even colder, the cardigan becomes a great choice to use. Here are great tips on how to use this play so delicate.


1 for being such practice and so comfortable and a trick against the colder days the cardigans come conquered more and more space in the female world coming to become indispensable to many women because they combine practicality, style and modernity to the visual of women and can make combinations from the most classic to the most deprived. Originally is made of wool with front buttoning and long cuffs in various shades of colors, prints and length, but with the new trend the cardigans won modifications as the animal print, poás and rents, allowing numerous compositions for your visual.

2 Usually the cardigan is a piece that uses superimposed on another shirt, but can also be used alone, just be careful and check if the piece is not clear or if the temperature is too low so that you don’t feel cold. The idea is to innovate and use your creativity without going through tight skirts with that item.
In your most basic form using the cardigan can be done with a transparent cardigan with a basic t-shirt and a nice pair of jeans, but you can use and abuse this show varying in combination of the visual with the use of dresses, leggings, skirts, jeans and shorts, to coordinate the way that it does not get too large.

3 Skinny and tall women should wear a cardigan in a way that balances the silhouette using a fine belt to complement the visual and can be allies the skirts rounds with waist and as basic jeans giving lots of charm and femininity in a very modern. Already short women or overweight the key trick is the combination of colors with dark tones, sober or both the monochromatic clothes shoes to lengthen the body shape and should fully invest in necklines. Always avoid cardigans with pockets on the sides using them desabotoados and opt for models with the length in the beautiful waist and thinner fabric.
The advantage of the cardigan is that as an extremely versatile piece can be used for all ages without fear of mistakes. The younger models still rely on details such as zippers, hood and feminine details that make a special difference.