Women’s Black Leather Jacket: How to Use

The black leather jacket is the most indispensable item in a woman’s wardrobe in the winter or on cold days. It can be used both in looks more rockers (since this is the idea that it naturally passes), as looks more romantic (because it breaks completely this and creates an interesting contrast). Learn how to set up looks amazing with this piece.


  1. 1

The black jacket is the most versatile and can be combined with various styles; both with neutral colors, as stripes and prints.

A great look can be done with the black leather jacket and patterned dresses. Because it’s a neutral color, this piece looks good with any type of print; She draws attention for being a “heavy”, but because it’s a neutral color give due space to the printed piece also shine. Feet, use the classic and women’s sneakers or peep toe. This visual has no error!

  1. 2

For a modern look, combine the jacket with colored or printed jeans. This style has a more rocker and stripped. Because they are two heavy pieces, soften when choosing the blouse. The pants should always be glued to the body and the blouse, don’t. Choose more loose-fitting blouses and preferably smooth or with little content in your front to the visual does not get overloaded.

If you wear pants stamped or colored, give preference to the blouses of neutral colors so as not to overload the look.

  1. 3

Leather jackets are so versatile they can be combined not only in looks, but with common sense, can also be combined in more formal looks. More formal occasions dresses get a touch of elegance with the addition of the jacket. This piece combined with long skirt also gives super right. Bet!

  1. 4

The combination of classic black and white gives super right here. When you use the black leather jacket, bet on white dresses or dresses in your white majority, but with another color (if black, better yet!). Also worth white dress with a black belt at the waist.

For an entirely sober and elegant, bet on all parts in black color.

  1. 5

Bet on the use of the leather jacket with legging pants: This is the most classic. Since the jacket and leggings are black, add visual color through the blouse, which should never be fair to the body.

  1. 6

An interesting way to do a combination with the play is through socks with cute prints. May be of small polka dots, stripes, etc. Combine both with dress, shorts or skirt. The feminine touch of the half is broken by the jacket and the visual is balanced just right.

  1. 7

Finally, to combine it with dresses, choose by dresses more “girlie” possible. This is one of the most interesting visuals that you get with the jacket, because they are two pieces mixed that, when placed together, work perfectly in harmony.