Women as Economic Shirt

I have had the opportunity to test Sumissura, a brand that produces custom-made women’s clothing, in this case have made me a shirt for woman, completely my choice detail by detail and with all my measurements. I am telling you my experience!

Clothing Custom

Clothes as always was an option and many large size girls resort to it, but it was a choice not always within the reach of everyone. I remember that when my grandmother sewed doing me things as we “was cheaper” but when you stopped sewing, already the thing was not so breaded. Also remember in a subsequent search of dressmaker, some had been in old patterns and it was hard to find that made you what you wanted (well, this was difficult even with my grandmother), since most were something else that your opinion and what you saw in the racks of stores they say the mythical “is that that not going to look good”.

With time and globalization, supply of clothes was growing and although gorditas are always as most abandoned, for my part the “custom” option was disappearing from my head.

Woman Shirts

“Difficult” to find in size there are women’s shirts, the cool mean. Not the typical blouse/shirt almost formless in white/red/black that cost about 50 euros, but the cool, the fitted, but male type with your diplomatic hairline, its flaps etc.Come on, the dress shirt of life for wear with a suit jacket and that for girls size large practically do not exist.

For example, I have a white shirt that you saw, with finials and fabric regulera and it cost if I remember ill 40 euros! So think about having the custom made shirt, fabric that I want and the design I want for 45 euros is very very tempting. To Yes?

The Purchase Of My Shirt In Sumissura

I was a little skeptical, but the truth is that the website is very comprehensive and very well designed. This is the part of the design of the shirt, does not lack detail. You can choose it all everything, neck, fist, if want the same fabric out that inside, if you like flaps, pockets, flaps at shoulder, the type of buttonholes, fabric…

And clear, are going well as everything you choose right on “dummy” with which get you a good idea of how your design is becoming.

Once designed, you get to the part to your measurements!

Here you can see it well, they ask for up to 12 different sizes and they explain each one both in text and images how to correctly take every measure. One last full truth?

I found it very intuitive and comfortable to buy the web, but course… until it reaches the product you are still a bit with fear… But the result is great, I at least I am great with my newshirt for woman and I also love to have an ‘almost unique’ model because rare is that many people choose all the same options as I with the amount of possibilities that there are not? Well, if you like, feel free to copy me that neither seems wrong

I leave the pictures of the look with the result, because me know what you think. You know this web? Do you like my new shirt?