Wohntrend Gelb: Living And Furnishing

Since this summer we love yellow – also in our apartment. Radiant sun-yellow, cool lemon yellow or delicate pastel-yellow as candy color – the color has many facets. But all have one thing in common: they just make a good mood! Our author Kathrin has therefore dealt more closely with the new trend color.

Yellow is a multitalent in the apartment: it makes our rooms appear brighter and bigger. Rich yellow tones ensure comfort and warmth. We think of sun and summer. An effect that appeals to us especially in the kitchen and in the living area. Great wood furniture made of pine or beech and warm earth tones.

Cool yellows in combination with white and bright greens remind us of spring and give us freshness.Also a great partner to cold yellow: gray. This combination is particularly noble and is a great way for people who like to clean it, to bring a touch of color into the home furnishings. Cold yellow is particularly suitable for the bedroom because of its soothing effect.

Pastel yellow in combination with mint and pink lets us think of cotton candy and lollipops. If these candy colors meet large areas of white, a playful Scandinavian look can be created. Something that certainly does not appeal to little girls.

Yellow belongs, beside red and blue, to the three basic colors. This means that it can not be mixed from any other color. The complementary color to yellow is violet. Combining yellow with violet tones creates a particularly strong contrast. This can also be of interest when creating rooms. Important rule here: The contrast should be formed with living accessories, the furniture should have a neutral color. Particularly suitable for this are cream and gray tones, which form a quiet antipode. Also yellow to blasting brings black. A look that is particularly modern and something for real trendsetters.

If you would like to try out the new home decor, you do not have to go directly to the brush and color box: yellow living accessories allow you to create the same effects with just a few hand movements.

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