Withings Will Launch a Cheaper Version of Its Activity Watch

To the these, Withings unveiled a more “mainstream” version of his watch containing a recorder of physical activity, “Activity Pop”.

Take the connected time piece “Activity” Withings designed in France and built in Switzerland (out of stock since the holiday season). Keep the sensors and technology, but replace the synthetic sapphire dial and bracelet leather by more cheap materials (mineral glass and rubber), then do make it in Asia: you will get the “Withings activity Pop“, more than twice cheaper than its big sister: 149 euros instead of 390 euros.

A More Accessible Product, Invisible Technology

With this variation of the announced shows in June 2014, Withings account well reach a wider audience. “It has democratized technology by making it invisible, we want to democratize now with the prices and the colors pop,” says the Director general Cédric Hutchings. His credo is always to create a “sustainable”, “we got to wear all the time and we never get tired after three months”. Like its premium version, the Pop Watch has a battery power that allows him to run for eight months without being charged and of sleep and physical activity tracking features.

Withings account well enjoy in 2015 “explosion”, according to its own terms, the market objects connected… While not recognizing in this appellation of “objects”. “Notice spoke of objects electrified early electricity?”, smiled Cédric Hutchings. “Connected objects, it’s a media issue, not a market as such.” Our market is health, well-being. There are objects that can be naturally connected and for which connectivity brings a huge and obvious added value. But a gadget becomes not useful because it is connected. I think that 2015 – starting by this these – will allow to sort.