With Helpouts, You Can Offer or Hire Help Via Videoconference

You just realize the dream (if not their, their parents) to live alone, but finds that cooking is more difficult than it appears. Would you pay for a head chef help you with some tips for beginners via videoconference? It is exactly this kind of service that Google wants to make it possible to formalize the Helpouts.

Inspired by the Hangouts (or other assistance services via streaming), the idea here is to allow you to contact experts (or to be a) in certain subjects via videoconference to receive lessons, tips, advice and any other guidance through the platform. The main difference for Hangouts is that in the Helpouts expert can set up your sessions will be free or paid.

So you can easily find the type of specialist you need, the service is organized into categories:

  • House and garden;
  • Computers and electronics;
  • Health and counseling;
  • Nutrition and fitness;
  • Fashion and beauty;
  • Art and music;
  • Kitchen;
  • Education.

Can you envision good business opportunities here. Each specialist creates a page describing your services, your qualifications and what materials the “students” will need. Being creative and trying to interesting subjects, the chances of attracting public increase enough.

Paid video conferencing can be billed per minute or per session. Whatever the choice, Google will get 20% of the charged amount, which does not cease to be fair, we agree. Charges are made through Google Wallet.

The only problem is that the Helpouts at this stage, is a closed service for testing. If you want to participate, visit the address helpouts.google.com to register and wait for an invitation.

It is not clear how judicious Google will be acceptance of experts, but who want to offer their services via Helpouts certainly should worry about making a good description and, of course, tell the truth: the company knows that dubious quality can easily burn the service.