Winter Looks with Fur Coats

Fur coats for winter looks even more charming

Winter Looks are always full of charm. With many elements, allow overlays that make us warm and super stylish.

The femninos coats, enter that already known trick of the third piece that always works, an item that has the power to make the connection between the various points of the look, thus leaving the outfit with a good look at itself and we women, very well dressed. So you don’t have to be too cold for a good coat make all the difference in a production…

I have received emails from girls from various parts of Brazil asking for tips on 2014 Winter looks, but as the climatic diversity in the country is quite large, a look that is used in the South, it is not always suitable for the South-East for example.. So the looks of today’s inspirations for those colder days and also for the not so cold, with the jackets and fur coats of Chiclet Store. It is worth remembering that the shop is with a super promotion with jackets from R $109.90, a true madness! With two winter months ahead, you can still take advantage of Lohan all models. For more details or to buy online, just click on the links in the description or directly in the picture ok!?

Navy Blue Coat + Women + Shirt Denim Skirt

In a super neutral color Navy Blue Coat (sell online here) is to take advantage of very … Warm and with larger style collars perfecto, is modern and face as easily stripped or more sophisticated looks. I chose to use it in a well-defined manner jovial with nozzle denim skirt , shirt outside the waistband and ankle boots What do you think?

Women’s leather jacket + Shorts Jeans + Ankle Boots

Another look with contemporary well footprint, assumed to jeans shorts fan as I am, I took it straight to use it with boot and leather jacket (sell online here), creating a winter look with a sexy look and relaxed. For regions with mild temperatures, just take the scarf, since eco-leather jacket has lighter material and worry only if we use thicker shirts underneath.

Nylon jacket + pants + Jeans Cardigan

This time the look is suitable for very cold days, since when the temperature really drops, nothing warms more than a good nylon jacket (sell online here), this black leather sleeves has details and waistband, which leaves the play fashion and still super úsavel.. The cardigan women’s Leopard print ( here) along with the pink bag, give charm and take the outfit of the commonplace… Look stylish and super practical for day to day …

And who is looking for more inspirations,has two posts I made to the Chiclet Store with more 20 winter looks stylish,one with women’s leather jacket and one with fur coats in General…Some of them,you can check out with

Kiss,Kiss,and I hope you have enjoyed the many winter looks with feminine jackets today!