Winter Jackets and Boots

Winter is coming – and it starts soon to go strong. This means, unfortunately, that this summer’s heat for a long time ago is gone, and that coldness is on the way. For most it will be a little harder to get up in the morning, and for the most part people want to be under the covers. You feel maybe a touch of winter depression, where it all felt a little too cumbersome — and the whole thing is a little sour. But fear not, for there is a super-cure for winter’s coming, and it is, of course, to spend some money on new winter clothes.

Here you will be safe, warm and stylish through the winter – so in this blog post, it should be about the things that can sweeten the cold and dark winter a little. Winter jackets and winter boots are introduced. So find a warm blanket above nap, a cup of tea and enjoy a little cozy reading while the evening falls on.


Winter jackets

Although winter is cold, however, you can dress yourself and thus enjoy the beautiful winter evening, rather than mourn the coldness and darkness. There are many different winter jackets to choose from, and it is, of course, your personal taste that determines which winter jacket, there is always something for you. In this section, lightly different styles in winter jackets are introduced, so that you will hopefully be guided a bit towards the right style for you.

As described in a previous blog post, this year’s winter colors are in good keeping with previous years. There is talk of dark earth colors such as dark green, brown and dark blue. But as a contrast to these somewhat subdued colors, there are many different brands also tried it with colors such as red, yellow and orange. Depending on the temperament you have several different options, and it is, after all, only to be welcomed.

The first winter jacket comes in dark green. It is an awesome and warm winter jacket that follows winter fashion colors and trends. The jacket is a long model, which stops in the middle of the thigh. This particular jacket is chosen for you, as it has a modern expression – despite the fact that it is very simple in its design. This winter jacket is with zipper as well as scarce closure at the front. If you are into a solid and timeless winter jacket, then this jacket is not a bad bet.

The next winter jacket is in a completely different ballgame. Try with something a little naughtier. This leather jacket is simply just bold. Leather jacket has very much got its comeback, and if you can rock a leather jacket – so there is hardly something bolder and naughtier. This jacket has one inside pocket and three pockets on the front of the jacket. In addition, you get a zipper on the front of the leather jacket, and a zipper at the bottom of each sleeve.

The last winter jacket a colorful one at that. You had probably guessed it already. This jacket comes in a bold red color. The jacket is not for the timid, but nevertheless true bold. If you dare to buy a red winter jacket, then this jacket is among the top.


Winter boots

When it comes to choosing the right winter boots, there are some things you have to have in mind; style, function and flexibility. These three things are crucial to which winter boots you choose, and some put more emphasis on style rather than on function. It is not, therefore, as a starting point, evenly split between the three, but all three criteria, in spite of everything, have a meaning. Most of you must, however, do  not climb mountains often, or battle the elements in winter boots – so it’s no wonder that winter boot style most often have first priority.

If you intend to use your winter boots daily, they must be neat and presentable, but also be good to go in with these requirements in mind.

The first winter boots are modern winter boots that come in several different colors. The dark brown version is chosen for you, since it fits into virtually any kind of pants – and since this model is high, you will get a stylish and modern expression. In particular, together with a pair of jeans. The actual model comes with rubber soles, brown shoelace and a small heel.

The next winter boots are old school winter boots . If you’re into old school hip hop and streetwear, so these boot are the right choice for you. In addition to the retro effect then these winter boots are very warm and comfortable for wear. Light brown version of these winter boots are chosen for you that come with heavy soles and U.S. Star logo engraved on the side of the boot.


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The last winter boots must be rounded, are one of the slightly naughtier models. They are high winter boot in dark brown leather. These winter boots are intended for those of you who love the classic men’s fashion. You get a few stylish and modern winter boots that fit perfectly into the classic men’s fashion involving skinny jeans, shirts and cardigans.