Winter Jacket In Spring And Another Jeans From The Series DIY

Just a short hello from the city that never sleeps … Because unfortunately, this is not for me. We had to confuse this with the booking, forget it. Next time I’m working on my sleep… However, I just enjoy my first visit to New York and may not remember that we will be back soon.

But that is the way it is and it is the reason for the saying: anticipation is the most beautiful joy. The week passes at least as fast as at home. Oh what, even faster… An outfit but I still for you and it is the proof that a winter jacket in the spring have nothing to look for.

Our first day in the Big Apple we have weather-related in a shopping center and I think I am already quite close to the kilogrenze of the airline. And of course I know there are umbrellas in NYC too. Yes, I was even so smart and brought you one. Clever as I am, I then left him on the bus. But umbrella to and fro, with the wind in the houses gorges has a screen rather a wind-blown accessory character….  On Thursday, however, we relaxed the shopping day by giving our attention to the architecture of Soho. A great city district with wonderful artists’ galleries and small, extraordinary boutiques such as EXTRAREFERENCE.

Winter Jacket In Spring

An exact post about our time here, there is only when we are back home. But you are cordially invited to join us in the Insta-Stories.There I try to share everything with you and am happy when you are there… Now there is still the outfit. The green winter jacket does not match the color of the spring and is the best proof that it has to be warmer. Soon! Equal! So in Germany… The rest of the look is casual and the pants once again a proof of my currently awakened DIY pleasure. The jeans are very old and I have cut off their trousers legs a bit… I like this pants fashion, only with a winterjacke in the spring I will probably never be able to befriend. Have a great Friday and a great weekend, your Conny