Why Look Into The Distance? I’m On Holiday With Balcony!

Even weeks before the holidays begin, the dear colleagues already begin to report in detail about your holiday plans. Tuscany, Majorca, Croatia or Denmark – main road away! And so I feel slightly leprous at the thought that it is with me this year only on a vacation on “balconyies” remains. Thank goodness, the summer in Germany this year has chosen for warm temperatures and a relatively high sun, so that a short holiday in the domestic fresh air parcel does not seem so unattractive. After all, this type of holiday also has some advantages.

Thus, for example, the annoying luggage pack, the ghetto to the plane or the hour-long drive at tropical temperatures. In the hotel or holiday house you do not have to discuss the holiday design or mattresses. You do not have to reiterate that all beach chairs have been reserved since 6am with towels. To entertainers, who want to persuade you to aqua-fitness, you can do without too confidently and also to fancy friendships, whose alcohol level has already exceeded the tolerable level. Also culinary you are on the safe side and do not always have to use the 08/15-buffet, dine in overpriced tourist restaurants or spoil the stomach in the trustworthy little Trattoria at the corner.

I reach my small idyllic fresh-air toast in 30 seconds. There, when I want it, I am undisturbed and can enjoy the sun quite magnificently. To feel good, of course, a bit of preparation is necessary. This is the first thing to clear the balcony or the terrace, because to sit between the biotone and the clothes dryer can not be the goal. In the second place you should be comfortable. A comfortable lounger with a large cuddly towel and a small occasional table are the best things to do. In addition, you should be able to see that you may have a few beautiful flowers and plants around you, also in colored overpins. Balconies professionals can be cooled down to a small foot bath and can start. Sunglasses, refreshing drink to hand, music to the ears or through the book scroll and relaxation mode. In the evening, windmills and candles can be used to create a cuddly atmosphere, when the neighbor prepares for a glass of wine or the friends come to a barbecue.

Yes, I like balcony.