Why Launch a Series on Brazilian Netflix? Because the Brazilian Asks Entertainment Than the Globe

It is not easy for the Brazilian television. The ratings are only fall as a whole, causing concern among executives about how this story will end. What is the reason for the decrease in the number of viewers? Everything leads us to believe it has to do with the internet. In this scenario, it appears the Burrow, first series distributed exclusively by Netflix in the country. It was made ​​by producer Parafernalha, headed by Felipe Neto. According to him, the original content of increasing concern because the Brazilian asks for content that is not made ​​by Rede Globo.

I talked to Felipe by email on how to approach gave Netflix to launch the first exclusive webseries site in Brazil. There are some differences in relation to what has been done out there.

For example, House of Cards. This series is an exclusive production (also the most popular) Netflix. It was designed from start to finish with a view to distribution contract on the digital platform. Already Toca existed before the approach of the company. In short, it’s like they caught a successful product and bought a second season – with obvious differences that the first youtuber get a million subscribers on YouTube following account.

Is there any difference between the Burrow which will be on Netflix and the series that was published on YouTube?

Felipe Neto – No doubt. On YouTube, we episodes 5-7 minutes longer on Netflix are episodes of 30 minutes. It was a totally new experience for the whole team to produce half-hour episodes, because everything is different: script structure, assembly, and production itself follows another pace. It is something totally different, but without losing the essence that we have on YouTube.

How was this contact with Netflix Parafernalha to perform a number together?

I was contacted by Netflix on a business trip I made ​​to Los Angeles. They explained tome that they wanted to release exclusive content on Netflix in Brazil and, having made ​​a search depth of audience and quality, had opted for Parafernalha, thanks to the work it carries out on YouTube. I am not the owner or the author of the series, as the press has reported, the series is the Parafernalha. I participate.

How do you see this expansion of original content that are produced with a lot of money with quality TV, but specifically for the Internet, such as House of Cards ?Likes this footprint? And what is the difference that for what it is thinking about the public television?

It is noteworthy that there is a difference between unique content and original content. House of Cards is a series produced by Netflix. Already the Burrow is a series produced by Parafernalha and bought by Netflix. I follow series as well, including just saw Orange is the New Black and loved. I think the original and exclusive series Netflix have better language, more own style, something other than the television itself. Compared to American TV, I think that is at the same level, but compared to the Brazilian TV, gives a rout from 118 to 0. The Brazilian asks increasingly for new forms of entertainment without Globo. Increasingly we offer it to them.

Cut to me

Can I say that both Felipe Neto like Netflix are well aligned in relation to the discourse on how this business series for Internet. After publishing the note on the release of the Burrow, a company representative contacted to explain that House of Cards this is a production Global Original. Unlike the Burrow, which will be available only to subscribers of the Brazilian Netflix service. Words of the company: “This is a natural extension of the work we were already doing to support the great comedians places such as Rafinha Bastos and Marcela Leal. We are very happy to bring a unique place for our Brazilian comedy subscribers. ”

It was curious to watch the show? Give play below. It has one of the videos already published the first season.  The Burrow in Netflix should be about 6 times what you see below.

The only scolding Felipe is for the information published on the internet that the series, as well as Parafernalha products are generally focused on a very young audience, almost prepubescent. “To say that the public is formed by a majority of very young people was a whore lack of research by the journalist, purely based on guesses,” said Felipe. He continues: “To give you idea of ​​the public Parafernalha, which is the author of the series, is an absolute majority between 18 and 24 years, followed by 25 to 34. The group 13 to 17 appears only in third place. The calculated overall average audience of Parafernalha is 24, 70% male, active consumer. ”

Complain done, it is worth remembering that the three episodes of the Burrow come to Netflix on Friday (9). All at once, as is usual in the service. Although Felipe image is still closely associated with the company, he highlights that are already about 20 professionals working in Parafernalha. They use a space of 300 square meters in Largo do Machado, in my Rio de Janeiro. And now, speaking of YouTube: 3.3 million internet users sign of Parafernalha channel, which already has 203 million views. Each video has published an average of 1.8 million views.