Why Buy a Clear CCTV Camera GO 20 Double Filter?

In today’s post, we’ll talk about the camera GO 20 meters Double Filter highlighting its main features.

Below are some of the benefits of the camera:

  • Double Filter:As the name implies this camera has two built-in filters in it, a specific filter for the day and the other for the night. When they do the brightness changes of the environment this filter changes automatically in order to provide a better adaptation of the images taken both during the day as night, with this, the camera can adjust the transition of light so much more efficient than in common analog cameras that do not have proper function.
  • Infrared:infrared camera can capture at night an object with up to approximately 14/15 metres away (efficiently), taking into consideration the wear the infra will naturally suffer throughout the distance. To capture the difference in brightness in the transition from daylight to night the LDR of the camera is activated and automatically connected infrastructure. These combinations between the infrared and the Double function Filter work together for superior image quality than conventional analog systems.
  • Sensitivity 0 lux:The camera can capture images in completely dark environments.
  • AGC and Automatic AWB:functions such as these ensure an automatic gain control (AGC) and an automatic control white (AWB). These features allow a better image contrast and color balance when the images are yellowish, this occurs in environments that are illuminated by incandescent lights. To detect this effect “yellowish” of the image, automatically the feature is activated by providing a balance of tones.
  • Easy connection:It is an analog system where the connection is simple, just use the coaxial cable and connect the BNC at the entrance to the DVR and camera input.
  • Sony CCD 1/3:Sony’s sensors are of the highest quality and reliability. The demand and preference for sensors of a brand so renowned is too big throughout the country and internationally. Clear Double CCTV cameras Filter work with Sony 1/3 sensors, this sensor has a larger image getting get more details and brightness of the place where it is installed.
  • Where to install: Based on Growtheology.com, cameras can be installed in any type of environment. These cameras have protocol that guarantee IP66 protection against dust and rain, and can be installed in internal and external environments.
  • Cost x benefit:The cameras GO 20 m in addition to all these features, also offer an excellent cost x benefit, making the project economically viable and efficient CCTV.

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