White – The Trend Color For Summer!

The summer is not only hot, but above all white! If I do not like a color in the summer, then it is white. I as a purist appreciate this non-color, because it fits to everything and everyone. In addition, she exudes pure holiday feeling and seduces me to look for the next beach holiday. What better way to stroll along the beach in an airy summer dress, smell the scent of the sea and feel the sand under your feet?

If you have already thought of packing your suitcase, then you have hopefully packed lots of great clothes in white.

White can of course be combined with any other color and is always unobtrusive. Particularly beautiful, however, are elegant tone-in-tone combinations.

Tone-in-tone combinations in white

Simple, slim cotton pants can be combined very well with light tops and airy blouses. Slim women can also put the top in the pants well and so emphasize a little more your silhouette. For more curvy women, I recommend loose-fitting blouses and tunics that gently flatter the figure. Small details such as lace appliqués, gatherings and wide sleeves ensure attention. Soft cotton and viscose fabrics ensure that you are not sweating.

Of course, the great sound-in-tone combinations are also wonderful for a city stroll, the excursion to the lake or a garden party. By the way, you can complement it very well with delicate accessories such as bracelets, necklaces or earrings.

Mother and Daughter: The Style Double in White

Why not create a powerful style-double with your own daughter? For many other clothing trends a rather difficult topic, but with white no problem. Here, one certainly finds a common denominator. The sweet combination of cotton top and skirt with lace for the little girls (size 98-128), the variant of shorts to the embroidered poncho-shirt for the big girls (size 134-164) and the sugar-coated overall for babies (size: 56-68) are, in my view, unbeatable.

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