White Jeans: How to Match Them Correctly

Evergreen matching a bit with everything, white jeans, despite their limited practicality, given the ease with which they get dirty, from season to season remain a must-have in the wardrobe.

The most popular colors with white remains one of increasing temperatures, a tendency, among other things, that horrifies many conservatives in terms of style, as cult filmmaker John Waters, who some time ago had come to criticize even the untouchable Anna Wintour to dress in white in summer.

Dogma aside, regardless of form or model (skinny, flared, palazzo, cropped, capri) white jeans are perfectly adapted to the most diverse occasions, suitable not only for the day, but also for spring and summer evenings. Just enhance them with a heel and match them properly and they will fit your needs. Also white, being a neutral shades, pairs well with all colors and not “tired” Unlike most heated tones.

To wear the best white jeans it is preferable to opt for some combinations: Let’s see what.

White jeans become chic when combined in the right way and in the right form. And right on the template you can not play because they are also worn by girls more meat. A trick? Avoid skinny white jeans and find softer models or building.

For a casual look, white jeans can be paired with a Plaid Shirt, cowboy style. The outfit becomes more sought after by betting on accessories, like a leather belt and shoes.

For more formal occasions blend perfectly with a blazer blue or pink or a classic black top.

A walk with friends or an afternoon of shopping? Nothing better than a denim shirt with sneakers or flats, maybe.

Those who prefer an outfit more outrageous and, at the same time, trendy, can select white jeans with tears (ripped jeans, as they call them across the channel), which are so much this year, and match them to a top or a colored t-shirt.

The perfect pairing for a weekend of Sun stays the shirt in pastel colors, the white skinny jeans, a panama and flat sandals.

For the evening white is a very good choice especially if you are tanned. Just choose with care the blouse or shirt, perhaps opting for silk, lace, fabric embellished with beads and sequins and they leave maybe twist. The shoes will be strictly high and sensual and refined jewelry, but not too showy.