Where to Buy Stainless Steel Necklaces

The necklace with pendant mouth representing the “Kiss Necklace” became a rage among women, currently it can have multiple versions: silver or gold plated gold, pendant color has to the double kiss.

There is also a more discreet version of the kiss necklace with metal pendants silver and gold covered by crystals to create a point of light in production. This version “more discreet” accessory is recommended for use in everyday life of women in the formal work that requires more discreet costume necklace that can bring a touch more in production.

But the kiss necklace with colorful pendants (red, pink) are recommended for moments of relaxation, for a party, a tour or a ballad, places that allow dare a little more in the visual, these places can use the pendant form of colorful kiss.

The kiss necklace is a democratic accessory, it can be used by women of all ages, but the older women should avoid the men’s necklaces with fancy colors and large pendants, since it would not fall very well.

This type of collar is easily found in jewelry stores on streets and malls throughout Brazil, on the internet there are sites that sell this product and could not fail to mention in great spots known for selling jewelry, one is the 25th Street March in Sao Paulo offering kiss necklace extremely popular prices.

A version of the kiss necklace that could not fail to mention is the replacement of mouth pendant by the English phrase “Kiss Me”, with pendant and veneers cord gold, this version of the necklace is available for sale on the internet through our site fromR $ 29.90.

Beyond that quoted the site free market, there is another available on the internet that you instead of representing the kiss the mouth, you can choose a photo of kiss and put the pendant, for example, animals kissing, angels, to paintings that symbolize the kiss, you can put as illustration in the pendant of your cord. Usually the shape of the pendant provided for this necklace in square or round shape, but there are cases that can occur medallion style pendants that you open and the photo is there. This type can also be found in stores throughout Brazil, on our site offering this version of the necklace and all types and forms of pendants cited from R $ 80.00 reaching R $ 200,00 some necklaces.

However, most versions of this type of paste if they are gold plated have in general and popular prices. Still, because they have several versions available, it provides the option of being combined with various types of clothing from the most formal to the most relaxed, the kiss necklace can be present in a woman’s life twenty four hours a day, so there is no excuses not to use it.

Currently, there is no relationship between famous and kiss necklace to explain the desire of women for this necklace style. But it is as the name necklace, a necklace that has its ups and downs, but that is always present in the lives of women.

The kiss itself is an act that is the love between two people and represent a feeling noble, nothing more just to be present in collars. Symbol is a subtle, but many elements representing an item of a set of several variables. And as usual we all situations we live in, we try to portray the accessories and the clothes we wear, with the kiss would be no different, is not it?

To save your kiss necklace and make it last longer, here are some tips:

  1. Store your necklaces always hanging if it is not possible to keep them in a box lined in velvet and divisions;
  2. Place white chalk on her jewels door (just a bit), because the chalk absorbs moisture from the air;
  3. Always clean collars after you used them, we sweat and we can move the impurities to metals that may oxidize faster in contact with our body sweat, so clean collars after using them is critical;
  4. Beware the perfume that you will use, depending on the composition that he can also oxidize the chain;

Therefore, knowing well the store necklaces and combine them with the right parts, the kiss necklace can be a great ally of the woman and a joker part of any look. Try it!