Where To Buy Cheap Ray-Ban Sunglasses

The sets began in 1920, when an American general completed a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean that complaining of pain in the eye by rays of the Sun and the wind to solve the problem, the lens company Bausch and Lombended up creating Ray-ban. The model has been adapted by riders, who popularized the World War II.

According to the designer, OpelikaFashion, the principle of usefulness of the glasses is the protection, but due to the mass and use in daily life, fashion has become this model changes. “On the one hand is bad, because people today make your choices from the model and no benefits, like the glasses that soften the UVA and UVB rays.” To Lily, fashion and protection should be riding together, but that’s not what happens.

The radiation is the energy coming from the Sun, she is distributed in several wavelengths: from infrared to ultraviolet (UV).

The ultraviolet band is subdivided into:

– Ultraviolet Rays C
Are the most power and the most dangerous to health, but are absorbed by the ozone layer and hardly reach the Earth’s surface.

– Ultraviolet Light B
Are intermediate power and the main cause of skin cancer.

– Ultraviolet Rays To
Are the lowest energy and reach deep levels of the skin. Produce the Tan and premature aging.

Well here are a few options of Ray bans:

Sunglasses Ray-ban Rb2140 original Wayfarer.

-Ray-ban Logo on the right side.

-Rb recorded in the left lens.

-All descriptions of factory.



-Ray-ban Box.


-Ray-ban Flannelette.

-Sticker on the lens.

All this for only $ $105.00 avista R 12 or $10.41.

Ray-ban Aviator 3025.

-Golden Armacao

-Green Lenses.

-Dark Lenses G-15.

For only $ $200.00 or R $19.83 12.

Sunglasses Ray-ban rb3030 Hunter Ray Ban3029.

In:P Colors straight with green pulled the black and gold with green lens pulled into the black.

For only $ $259.00 or R $25.68 12.