When Should We Change Our Bedding?

We spend a third of our lives in contact with our bedding, so taking care of it and making a good choice when it comes to buying it is an important task to ensure a healthy bedroom.

Many allergies and dermatitis appear or are exacerbated by poor choice or care of sheets, covers, duvets … We must know that washing clothes with care ensures a restful sleep and better health in people sensitized.

Price matters, but it is important to remember that price and quality definitely go hand in hand.And the finish is important too.

There are four types of fabrics for sheets:

  1. Sheets of synthetic thread . The most comfortable choice .The synthetic thread affects the feel, the appearance, its duration and the price.They do not allow a correct transpiration, something that we must always take into account.
  2. Cotton sheets: the choice of quality.It is the best choice in bedding, and they last a long time in perfect condition, so it makes up for the investment.They are fresh sheets, that transpire and of excellent touch.The combed cotton clothes have hypoallergenic properties, since in their manufacture the impurities have been eliminated.
  3. Sheets of satin and silk .They have their advantages.The satin offers a soft and cool touch, very nice in summer, but make sure that the sheets fit well in the size of the mattress because they slide easily … As for the silk, it has a soft touch and natural antiallergic properties.
  4. Sheets with mixture: do not wrinkle.Their advantage is that they do not wrinkle or shrink.But the feel is less pleasant and they are less cool than the cotton ones.They resist worse washing in hot, and sometimes they are filled with pellets.

To take care of your bedding we recommend that you keep these tips in mind.

  • Wash before first use to remove chemical residues from manufacturing.
  • Protect your equipment from rest.In addition to bedding, mites also nest in your resting equipment, so we must cover both our mattress and our pillow with a good protector and a zippered case.Wash the pillowcase once a month.
  • Baking soda.If you add a little baking soda to the detergent in the washing machine, you will deodorise the sheets, brighten the colors and whiten the yellowing sheets.
  • Drying the Sun. The Sun is the best disinfectant and bleach, put your clothes to dry in the sun whenever you can.

Change bedding weekly.When we get into bed our skin loses millions of dead cells.From moisturizing cream, make-up, sweat, hair or anything that has brushed against another during your day, such as animal dander or pollen from the same air, detaches these cells.It is also important to keep in mind that our skin and sweat attract mites, and feeds them.

In wet seasons it is best to change your bedding twice a week.