Whatsapp For Iphone Also Retrieves the Old States

WhatsApp for iPhone was not going to be less and if yesterday we saw that WhatsApp for Android was updated and old States have again, today the Apple mobile platform also has already again this kind of States. Again States its text version as many users on this platform also had been demanding.

Although this last update WhatsApp for iPhone not only returns the users old States in the text version, but arrives with another news to take into consideration as to serve us an example the new mode night we can apply to photographs and thus make better catch, either saving data at the time of viewing videos.

WhatsApp for iPhone and innovations

The platform becomes the Info section where we can regain the States in text version and configure them as you see fit us. But also as novelty must be mind video playback without downloading them, since they will be downloading as we are playing them. Another novelty is the perfect way to night in photographs represented by the icon of the Moon and that will improve our photographs at night.

In addition to this a new procedure of using photo-editing joins WhatsApp for iPhone more efficiently function 3D Touch that we can find on the iPhone. With what can be seen, is an update that is full of novelties, and especially the restoration of those States that users out so much less.