What We Expect from The New Samsung Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress?

The South Korean company announced a few weeks ago its Samsung Unpacked 5 event that take place during the imminent Mobile World Congress 2014 which takes place this week in Barcelona.

The rumor mill on the terminal has been quite active like leaks and we wanted to bring together in a single article all what is expected of the new terminal, prior to its presentation and, therefore, official confirmation. Let’s do a brief review of leaks and see what It is expected the new S5 Galaxy.

Agreement between Google and Samsung

Although it must be admitted that it is early to make this agreement give fruit in the new S5 Galaxy software, that it could affect face the future in a way of customizing the software such as for example a deeper integration of Google Now as seen in Nexus on Android 4.4 terminals.

About if this new Galaxy will be conditioned by Google, we clearly think not that Samsung has us accustomed to a personalizacion of the Android interface more than notable and is, in part, hallmark of Galaxy smartphones.

Expected is that a small change in the interface, if we look at past trends. But it seems, according to the filtration of the phone interface that change is going to be quite radical, as we have been seeing in the UX magazine leaks.

UX magazine, deep customization of Android

This interface was born in the tablet’s 12.1-inch of the company and left us a hybrid user experience between what could be Fliboard and Modern UI. Greatly away from what Samsung offered to date with TouchWiz.

But the interface for the New Galaxy also suggest an adaptation of UX magazine to a screen of smaller as well as support with the wearables of the House.

Filtering on the interface of the new Galaxy S5

Now let’s see a number of reasons why the Google interested in being more visible Samsung users:

< ul > < li > in China, 25% of Android phones sold in the fourth quarter do not have Google (ABI Research data) services. < /li > < li > Samsung has its own division of content and multimedia services – Samsung Media Solution Center – which Google must fight. The ideal would be to agree on some major for Korean benefits so Google Play was well present. Can also agree to the creation of new Nexus as a currency change. < /li > < li > an interface where shortcuts lead firstly to Samsung options, is more complicated to give visibility to Google Now, among others. < /li > < li > Samsung has been giving him a good position to developments of third parties as Dropbox Flipboard, SwiftKey, or TripAdvisor. Sometimes, they are direct competitor of Google applications < /li > < li > Google try to get the full set of services to manufacturers, when any of them interested only feel one. We hear voices in the industry that Google wants to create a platform increasingly less open, more controlled style Apple. < /li > < / ul & gt;

What Samsung must achieve is a balance between Google and software developed by the House. Google interested in creating a global image and Android general, leaving the customizations in the background.

It is clear that each manufacturer has to put that point differential over the rest. We hope to get much of the evolution of Galaxy S5 hand used the software and interface, but will not be the only thing.

New Galaxy S5, new hardware

Is not known exactly which hardware will bring the new S5 Galaxy but it is known that this time, the launch of the next flagship phone of the company, is the ideal that demonstrate the potential of development and integration of the company.

If we look at the rumor mill, he speculates on Samsung to launch again two versions of S5 Galaxy, a version that works on Qualcomm Snapdragon while the second would do so on self-developed chip Exynos perhaps with 64-bit support.

He speculates on the model Samsung Exynos 5430, 8-core 2 GHz while the model Qualcomm could brand new chip Snapdragon 805 that have both spoken.

If we look at the characteristics of the terminals that are already for sale on the market, is expected to see at least 3 GB of RAM in both versions and an internal capacity of 32 / 64 / 128 GB (expandable via microSD). In addition we will have LTE connectivity and a high-capacity battery, passing 3,000 mAh.

Design, we continue with the plastic

Since the first model of the family of Galaxy S smartphones was released many are users asking for a material with other “more noble” materials. However Samsung has shown that your plastic solution contributes to the lightness and strength of the terminal.

The rumor mill suggests that we could see two different design versions, although it must be acknowledged that it would be an unusual step in the company to date. It is said that there could be a model with traditional finish and another with finish and premium details.

This strategy could be useful in the fight against the Apple company and two steps of iPhone 5 has placed on the market.

Camera, megapixel camera for all

We saw how evleaks let us glimpse an image which, according to information, EXIF was to have been made with the Samsung SM-G900V, new Galaxy for the Verizon operator model.

This screenshot would have a resolution of 16 Mpx, IE 5.312 × 2.988 pixels. We could however be above 20 Mpx if we are aware most camera sensors are 4:3, and that picture is 16:9, which cuts the top and bottom part of the sensor information to give that more widescreen aspect.

It is also expected that Samsung make use of optical stabilization in this terminal, if you want to move to the level of competition, although initially rumored that there have been problems with the created modules, so this feature is still in the air.

THE summary is that we will have a camera that will exceed by far the anterior Chamber, 13 Megapixel, megapixel count and probably include recording options already seen in Galaxy Note 3 as 4 K recording or recording in slow motion.

Reader of fingerprints, yes or no?

At the launch of the latest iPhone, we saw how Apple released its iPhone 5s top and one of the differential characteristics compared iPhone 5 c was the integration of a fingerprint reader. It is likely that Samsung also make use of this feature as one of the differentiators.

Information comes from the filtration of packages that will include your software and among them is “FingerprintService.apk” which suggests that there is an element that will recognize fingerprints. Although it must be admitted that the same thing happened before the release of Note 3 and in the end failed along with the terminal.

HTC company joined a reader your HTC One Max even though this option is far from being so intuitive and easy to use as Apple solution. This will be the point where reaching the market, Samsung would have to adopt a similar to the Apple solution.

Screen, higher resolution?

The Android package with name “3DTourViewerWQHDK.apk”, pointing to resolution has also been found in filtering software WQHD, 2560 x 1440 pixels.

There are terminals in the market that make use of that resolution as for example live Xplay 3S. If you take accounts about the size of 5.24 inch screen that could integrate S5 Galaxy, we are talking about a density pixel 560 DPI.

He is expected that the type of matrix of pixels AMOLED Diamond Pixel, which has shown superior in Galaxy Note 3. And in addition is also expected an improvement in the maximum brightness, allowing use in any environment, even in bright sunlight.

S5 Galaxy, presented at MWC, and the market?

This terminal will be one of them that generates a greater demand of those who see light at MWC. Indeed its official announcement will be made the next day 24 February and we will be at the event offering you live information. However it is known that this announcement could not involve an imminent release.

They speak of dates as late March or early April to get this terminal to market something that we have already seen with previous top of the House.

Item prices. If Samsung continues a strategy similar to Apple, with a traditional terminal, and a premium model would be talking about figures that probably serve as a mirror of the models of iPhone 5 c and iPhone 5S, i.e., we do not expect to have output prices lower 649 euros and 799 euros.

As tagline and finally want to record more rumors as the possibility of the second edition of the smartwatch Galaxy Gear, more devices, wearables and even the birth of the new Galaxy S5 family: S5 Zoom and S5 Active.