What We Can Expect from The Sony Xperia Z2 at The Mobile World Congress?

This year at Mobile World Congress we are going to see a few heavyweights. The major manufacturers will have their own and everything points to that Sony will also feature the Sony Xperia Z2: the successor of a range that debuted last year at CES and then took a respite in IFA.

A twelve-minute video that taught us enough information has been leaked, recently also saw the tablet, with photo and specifications leaked. No one takes for granted that the Z2 let them see in Barcelona but all indications are that he will be there where make its debut. While we have the hours to know if it is or not, I ask a question What can we expect from the Sony Xperia Z2?

Continuity and stability after having found his own visual language

Sony Xperia Z showed us what would be the future of the high end of Sony: slender Terminal combining a unique design with glass as its main attraction. Fragile? In all, we were before a robust terminal capable of withstanding blows, scratches, water and even sand.

With the Z1, we saw that that line was maintained and only an aluminum frame gave more strength to a terminal that was calling us much attention. Seen in the two leaks mentioned at the beginning, everything points to the Z2 It will not bring surprises in design.

Sony feels comfortable with the visual language that created with the design of its Xperia Z: it is attractive, has a good reception and also enables you to distinguish itself with its most direct competitors. It would be logical It will continue with this line and that they do not play by major changes on the outside.

It is also true that expected Sony to make an effort to improve two aspects in which has a little falter. Comfort, take it: the corners are a little harsh and although they are not the most uncomfortable is not the most ergonomic smartphone in the world. We also hope that with the grams that fattened the Z1 lose them in this new generation, a little more than lightness will be very well received.

I personally hope that they have also learned from one of the great achievements of design of the Z1: a dedicated camera button. Terribly useful and in line with the line from all manufacturers every year have a better camera. What me okay have sensors every time more precise if I have to continue relying on my ability to strike the screen while I keep the pulse?

Necessary improvements in its two pillars: display and camera

If something has characterized Sony smartphones in recent years have been two elements: the screen and camera. Proprietary technology in both cases since, ultimately, most smartphones share the same SoC manufacturers, RAM and ROM settings… In addition, they are the main virtues Xperia family.

Let’s start with the screen. All indications are that Sony will continue to work with their TV Bravia besides Triluminos technology. Last year with the jump to Full HD proved to have very competent panels, with a fairly broad Colorimetry and without major deviations to any tone. All told, the competition was very tough in this section in 2013.

The big question that remains is If you jump to the QHD. Hopefully, Yes and rare would be if the Z2 was not the first phone from Sony to show a really high pixel density. There is nothing confirmed to date, only a handful of rumors that take it for granted but we will have to wait and see, if you really in as well.

If the case is eventually given, it remains to be seen if this rise of resolution not lastra the autonomy of the battery. The Stamina of the Xperia mode has been shown to give good results but should not be a mandatory option for smartphone to endure until the end of the day.

On the other hand we have the camera. Sony continues to demonstrate that exceptional, although then sensors makes processing software, Ironically, is not the best thing on the market. Other manufacturers, who sold this component, have managed to get best out of.

In previous generations of camera sensors, Sony announced it prior to the terminal that has begun to mount it. We saw it with the Exmor R, RS and, barring surprises, it seems that soon we will not have an evolution in hardware.

Talking about that recorded in 4K, Note 3 could already, and which will include some way of shooting more but in principle it seems there will be no news on this front unless Sony make the presentation of the Z2 to announce a new generation of Exmor. The other components? It seems that there will be no new features and remains to be seen if included, or not, the Snapdragon 805.

4.4 Android KitKat and what more?

In the part of the software, are expected to depart from 4.4 Android KitKat and the layer of customization that, by now, we all know already. Small changes, will see if Sony continues to integrate all your devices within the same ecosystem and if finally Playstation ends up being part of the mobile or not.

Personally I’d like to see some added more on the part of software, something that really give more value to use a Sony Xperia over another competitor. More modes on the camera Okay but some of the applications that include or can be downloaded from Google Play or don’t have any useful once we have made a demo with her. The coming week we will leave doubts, or not.