What Smartphone Os?

Part 1: iPhone OS and Android
Hot before Christmas, the discussions about the best smartphone OS here at CyberBloc back and forth. But what should the poor buyer really take now, who is spoiled for choice?

A few small decision-making aids I can gladly along the way, especially in the price segment from 300 to 400 euros, the selection of smartphones is quite diverse. By the way, every smartphone makes sense with a data tariff, possibly a data leaf, really, because without data connection some apps or functions are not useful. It should also be mentioned that many smartphone operating systems require a close connection to the corresponding manufacturer, ie the one does not go without the other and in one case or another, one has to leave the contact data.For the sake of completeness, the iPhone OS is also listed, even if it does not necessarily fall into the price range, just as little as currently Maemo. The order is the way purely arbitrary and does not represent a gradation.
IPhone OS
iPhone OS there only in conjunction with the iPhone, so the choice between touch screen or non-touch screen disappears. The appeal on the iPhone OS makes the ease of use, the design and the many apps available in the App Store. Currently, there are more than 100,000 apps, but all of them are divided into segments so that the right app can be found relatively quickly.Many apps are available exclusively for the iPhone and because of the controlled developer access to the App Store is filtered by Apple much. Whether this is always good, be set, but there is no smartphone OS, which runs so cleanly. It also likes the close integration of iTunes to the iPhone OS, on the one hand for music and apps, but also to synchronize contacts and appointments cleanly. With the current version, Apple has set the bar for the competitors really high and there are also no problems-everything runs cleanly and round with the OS.Especially with the current iPhone 3Gs one can do nothing wrong.

The OS version 2.x is already available in just 12 months. Google has put a lot of pressure on the beta character of the first versions to disappear quickly. The advantage of Android is the close connection to Google – with a Googlemail address you can immediately access the data of the Google services. Android users without Googlemail address first look in the tube, because even the Android Market can not be used without an email address from Google.Meanwhile, there are also apps that allow sync with other email accounts and addresses, but they are not available on all Android smartphones, and on the other hand, integration seems to me to be the cleanest with a Googlemail account. Apps are quite numerous in the Android Market, but because of the badly integrated payment function and the bad usability, the surfing is not really fun. Android shows what is possible, but to perfectionism like Apple is missing a bit. By the way, not every Android smartphone has automatically installed the latest Android version, here you should just look closely. Also, it is not guaranteed that each Android smartphone can be updated to the latest firmware version with the new features.

In the upcoming second part, we will take a look at the remaining mobile operating systems currently available on the market, including WebOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS, Symbian and Maemo.