What is Your Sports Bra?

Whether it’s jogging or going to yoga class, what’s the main thing a woman always puts on before exercising?

Your sports bra. With hundreds of active and dynamic women working in our offices, at Reebok we understand how important the sports bra can be to your fitness routine and style. That’s why we want to help you simplify the process to find the right bra for you. Michelle Newby, director of the Reebok Bra Program, was with us to talk to us exclusively about this program.

Question: What is Reebok Bra Program?

Michelle: One of the things that I have noticed during these 6 years working in Reebok clothing design is that we have very good sports bras, although these are constantly evolving. We are always trying to find something new and better, and every season we change our bras to add new features. This can be confusing for our consumers, because when a woman finds a bra she likes, she can never re-buy the same product the following season. It was this desire for consistency that led us to create Reebok Bra Program. After all, the sports bra is the garment of the most personal fitness wardrobe; Holds and protects a very important part of your body and you must make sure that you give the right one for you.

Question: What do you want to get through the Reebok Bra Program?

Michelle: I want every woman to have the perfect bra. There is  no bra that stays the same  for all women. Every woman is different; Not only her breasts are different, but her needs as well. Each of the 4 bras of the program take into account a series of needs in order that each woman is satisfied with at least one model, if not with all of them.

Question: What are the four fasteners of the program?

Michelle: Reebok Sports Bra Program consists of four fasteners. Two are medium-fastening, one is high clamping and the other is lightweight.

Hero Power Bra

The Reebok Hero Power Bra is the most secure bra of the program, ideal for high impact activities like running, box jumps or double jumps. The inner fabric of this bra is what makes the difference. It consists of several layers of fabric, polyester, spandex, breathable foam and soft mesh, which have been “molded together” in a molding machine. This mold is what allows the bra to fit tightly around the woman’s chest, while the layers help disperse the sweat, while styling and providing support. We have also realized that a woman can have more support when adjusting her bra, so we have incorporated adjustable straps.

Hero Warrior Bra

Our Hero Warrior Bra bra straps are medium-duty and are designed to be worn underneath, for example, a tank top or tank top. On the sides we have added stabilizing bands. When a woman exercises, her breasts move according to eight patterns of movement. The more you move, the more pain you will notice and the worse it will be for your body. These stabilizer bands prevent movement by keeping everything in place. In addition, the interior of this bra has Spacer technology, a layer of thicker fabric that adds discretion even on colder days.

Hero Racer Bra

We have incorporated characteristics very similar to our Hero Racer bra. This bra features the Spacer technology and the sidebands of the Hero Warrior bra. The difference is that it is a sports back bra because many women prefer this type of silhouette. In addition, we have added a mesh on the back, which improves perspiration during intense activities. These two medium-grip models are specially designed for CrossFit, Les Mills and cardio classes in general.

Seamless Hero Bra

The Reebok Hero Bra without seams is designed for yoga or just to relax at home after a strenuous workout. This bra has a seamless design, thus avoiding friction and providing a very soft touch on the skin. Its adjustable straps also allow for a personalized fit.