What Is Actually Trend? Trumpet Sleeve Impractical But Beautiful

I know and can not do anything else… And according to the standards that most German ladies have in their clothes, these sleeves should not actually occur.

And people, you know what-they do not. Trumpet sleeves are somehow an Instagram phenomenon or am I imagining this? So live and in color, so in real life, I have not seen them often-only in the store. I can not leave my fingers anyway… I do not want to say that I am addicted to such exposed sleeves-although why not. Insight is, as is well known, the first way to recovery, and perhaps the notorious shopping of integrated sleeve lapel has finally come to an end. But today, of course, there can only be a trumpet sleeve top to the outfit. I think it’s so cool when they look under the blazer….

Practically, it must be! So the fashion ahem, the clothes. You’re welcome! Absolutely practical. And this is true not only for the so-called Functional Group. So those who could break into an alpine crossover at any time. For a weekend on an icebreaker would be an absolute children’s game. And of course, they would not even have to become an outdoor equipment supplier. Immediately after the week’s purchase, you start. Because the trailers of the functional clothing have trained – in front of the cooler in the supermarket.Where else does the lady in everyday life need a 3 in 1 jacket brand mummy and breathable shoes with spikes? However, not just breathing-active trailers want to be practically in fashion.


When talking to some of my girlfriends, it is often criticized that the currently available “trends” do not really fit with the everyday life of a professional woman and mother. West, for example, feels some as absolutely unnecessary. The ladies say, if they are so cold, that they want to wear something, then the whole would have also sleeves.But by no means bat-like things, because they do not fit into a jacket.And finally one goes out also times times… Possibly Fledermausärmel would be an option for the summer. But then the shirt slips from your shoulder so silly… That does not work.


But ladies, you are now shoulder-free. One side, both sides-everything is possible. But of course they do not want to know about this either. What bra is going on? In the end still a keeper? The slips then with the shirt… So woman can make the clothing style synonymous uniform. The gravity-style or something like that. Of course not-I’m just kidding. But my arguments, with me would the bra yes synonymous hold, deceive unheard or I am told, that would be something else. Huh? What? And ponchos are the last smirk anyway. Either it is cold outside, then a poncho is too little or it is warm, then it does not need a cloak. To wear a poncho only inside is also somehow a Schmarrn… Hmmmm-perhaps the ladies are right…

Corset Fashion

..and fashion has become absolutely impractical. But I see it different… I think fashion is as convenient and practical as it has never been before. Today we have the freedom to carry everything. It does not matter-whether we prefer it far or narrow. Long or short, colorful or monochrome, black or white or anything. Sleeves or no… There is actually no uniform that has been valid for previous generations. It is not even possible to deduce the social status of the clothing. When I think of what uncomfortable lacing, For example the women from the corset era had to accept-until the health impairment was squeezed slim waist. Or the costumes that were announced a few years later and the ladies have looked 10 years older.

What Is Actually Trend?

In addition, no one knows what is really in the trend anyway… One is vintage or retro on the road, the other futuristic or full eighties according to HOMOSOCIETY. Are the pants skinny or flared, short or long? I think that does not matter. For me it is much more important to know what I am… and in which I feel comfortable. And this can be quite bulging sleeves, even if this seems unimaginable from the practical point of view… Last year Pantone had chosen rosé-quartz and serenity-so pink and light blue-to the colors of the year. To find a piece of clothing in rosé-quartz was the last spring of the needle in the haystack. This year, however, the whole fashion world is pinkish and light blue has hardly been imagined for a few years. Well, possible, however, that is only my perception… But I could also write about it own blog contribution.

A Different Day Is Being Ironed

In this respect, I have it really good-I can carry what I want and if it is impractical trumpet sleeves. And yes, they are impractical. But only if you cook or iron or get food from a buffet. But honestly-how often do we eat at the buffet. I like eh no buffet-since you always pay everything with and eats only a fraction of what you paid. And I do not want to know what’s going on in the garbage. I would rather serve my food. Then also the same problem with the cooking… In the plate of the opposing fish is, however, also taboo. Unless you want to put the stain remover to the test… In case of need, you can color the upper part… Black is beautiful you know… and ironed on another day. So!

Trumpet Sleeve-Impractical But Beautiful

And now? Now I’ve been talking about trends and sleeves and sleeves for quite a long time. So it can only be quite consistent a totally impractical outfit with trumpet sleeves come. That is clear anyway… and most likely, it will not be the last time that I have you such sleeves around the ears… I particularly like this sleeve shape when they look under a blazer or a jacket. In the case of a new sweater, you could almost say that what is on the sleeves is too much fabric, the rest of the sweater is too little… But I do not want to be so, and generous to overlook that I am in the Zara-Trap… I am Depp… I have to lock this page on my laptop and all other shopping sites right now… And now I would like to know how you see with fashion. Practical, impractical-look forward to your opinion. Have a nice Friday, your Conny.