What Drives Me Crazy on Motherhood!

Yesterday when I got home with the Bruna had a box for me in the room. Bruna was running, opened, and before I even read, tore up the card that came with it. It used to be common around here, the girls move at all. Of course I am educating to make sure that doesn’t happen, but say for 2 children, 2 and 3 years, not to touch anything, ask them to do the opposite huh?

So I was inspired to post today; What drives me crazy on motherhood!

Before you have kids our major adaptation is in marriage, it’s time to share the same space and a few things. I personally haven’t had much difficulty. Fit in the first months of marriage very well. And I didn’t live together before! But in the maternity ward is different, it seems that we have to share everything. There’s no longer anything of ours. So I have listed some things that even being in love for my daughters, often have a will mad living alone and be able to do everything with calm and better; with privacy! Mainly because I work at home and spend all day with them around.

Are commonplace, that happens almost daily but that drive me crazy! Of course, are things that all children do, and then we found funny!

Come on!

-Open the package of any Edible thing and immediately have it both on my feet expecting a piece or many times, eating all alone. I can’t eat a cupcake that is. Unless I do this when they are sleeping. That old story; “I look good mother” but I’ve waited my daughters sleep to eat that chocolate I love so much! #quemnunca?!

-Lunch with them around. I have to get up a thousand times because every minute someone asks me. So when does not come attacking my plate of food too. Usually that is the draguinha of Manuela, who eats what is ahead of us.

-Open a bullet . It seems that they hear the noise of the role the 100 mts away and is already running request.

-Try to watch something on tv while they are awake. It was enough to turn on the tv to them asking for a drawing or start complaining that the show is boring. At best when I can watch something is always running, playing with them or yelling at my side.

–Talk on the phone. That became a torture. It’s just I speak “Hello” they come screaming up and keep making noise, you know who I’m talking about, they want to push the button.

-Use the Ipad. That I think does not exist while they are around. IPad is an item that only locked in the bathroom or when they are asleep.

-Shower. This is the sweet spot of any mother. Here I go through the whole bathroom with someone knocking on the door and saying I want to go in. That’s because now I lock the door, because I’m tired of having my bath “invaded”.

-Makeup. I can’t makeup alone that there they come wanting to use everything. That when not hidden and destroy the lipstick, eyeshadow, pencils… If I step blush, I have to pass each one of them. If I step lipstick, ditto.

-Shampoo. Use all my shampoo to lather in the bathtub. First end up with them and then look for in my bathroom. Until the day I snapped when I saw the purple bathtub with a special shampoo I use that super expensive costs.

-Elastic hair. I use a long ponytail, and I live buying rubber bands as they vanish with all and still use as a bracelet. I can’t understand how they disappear so fast. Buy almost every week a bag with 10 and

-Closet. Move at all, take all the shoes, the stack of t-shirts on the floor, try everything, step in all, hide everything….

-Kit Activities. I’ve had to buy colored pencils, markers, crayons, modeling clay. Here turns almost disposable. I’ve tried everything to organize and maintain but it seems that every time it gets worse. There’s a pen with CAP, a pencil with…

-Wear out of the House. It makes me very mad! Bad finish to wear one, the other got the shoes, the hair tie. Then when I finish taking one in the bathroom the other half wants to go. Leaving home is a process.

-Place the car seat belt. I don’t know because I haven’t invented a Chair like those roller coaster cart that you just turn the handle and it freezes! Here is a perrengue every time. For those who don’t have a girl at home, know that the belt fastens on the skirt, in dress, in his jacket full of ruffles …. nothing like a pair of those hours! Off the stage in which Bruna entered using the belt of the Chair, she takes the handles, and use the seat belt, she releases the lock.

-Feed. Without sounding bad mother, but is there anything more boring than to feed a child? And my eat enough and that ends up giving love to see! But there is patience to cool the food in your mouth, expect the child chew, dropped everything on the floor.

-Put to sleep. Manu sleeps alone. Just close the door and turn out the light. Bruna was so (good times!), but now I have to sit in a Chair and wait for her to sleep. Usually in 15 minutes she sleeps. But often not sleeping she starts to ask for a lot of things; Mommy I want water, Mommy I want to pee, Mommy I’m hungry…. And I exhausted every time she asks for something I want to scream. And almost die with joy when I see that she slept. It beats Miss.

Will understand us mothers!

Now tell me, is it just me going crazy with these little things of everyday life or you identify? What makes you crazy??

A big kiss and a good week for all of us!

* K *