What Dresses Favor Me If I Have Body Pear?

The Body Pear, also called Body Triangle, is the most common among women, in fact we have this type of body 75% of women.

This is a very grateful body if you know how to take advantage, and an example of them are famous as Beyoncé, Jenifer Lopez or Shakira suggested by pharmacylib.com.

Although we have already explained the characteristics of the Pear Body I will remind you of its main features so that you can check if you are also among this group of women, the Pear Type women have:

Hips wider than the shoulders and bust.

Waist set.

Rear scooting.

In short, women with Body Pear are smaller in the upper body and have wider hips, so the goal when dressing is to highlight the upper body and try to disguise the hips.

So… What dresses favor me if I have Body Pear?

What dresses favor me if I have Body Pear?

We have to look for dresses that fit at the waist and have some flight or are widening.

The dresses that best seat women with Body Pear are the dresses:

With cut A, bell or empire: These dresses are perfect because they highlight the chest and hides the wide hips thanks to the fall of the fabric, that is to say they are ideal for the Pear Bodies.

Dresses with cut Diabolo or hourglass: the cut of the dress is quite similar to the previous one, it also widens at the waist and is loose at the hip, if we choose this type of dress we should avoid the frills because they make our figure look wider Of what it really is. Better opt for dresses with a light touch evasée in the bass.

Cuts we should never choose:

If you are Body Pear never, but never, put on a dress type “peplum”, are very beautiful and are very fashionable but emphasizes precisely what we want to disguise, the hips.

Other recommendations for choosing dress if I have Body Pear

A good idea is to opt for two-color dresses , with a lighter color or a print on the upper and a darker color in the area of ​​the skirt.

The best length for the dress will be just above the knee, flees from the very short dresses and the lengths below the knee and above the ankle, they will not sit well.

Choose dresses with a good neckline, and if it is in V better . To avoid the dresses with the necks very closed and round.

Wear dresses with lantern sleeves, ham, puffed or with folds or ruffles , and the tendency of tacks on the shoulders will be very flattering. Try to avoid the dresses with the very thin suspenders.

A safe option?

If you want to hit yes or yes, get yourself a low cut empire dress above the knee with a belt, it will mark your narrow waist and hide your wide hips, and if you also accompany them with heels you will be perfect.

A guaranteed error?

The worst option you can do is a peplum dress that is also too short and tight, you will look much wider and a little enough.