What Cannot Lack in a First Aid Kit For Sport Fishing

Always good floor prevented. For this reason, when leaving for your fishing trip, whether it be offshore or inshore, is fishing for construction or fly, take a first-aid kit. These kits were designed to be used even by people with no major medical knowledge. The important thing is that contains the products required for any situations that may present themselves. Check out that can not miss in your first aid kit!

Personal remedies

If it depends on prescription drugs, such as drugs for hypertension, depression or cardiovascular problems, always take your medicine in the first aid kit . Must take them on time as the medical prescription. If, being a carrier of these diseases, you feel bad on the day planned for the fishery, avoid leaving and select the program to another day with the health you don’t play and you can always save the fun for later.

Antipyretics, analgesics, anti-inflammatory, influenza, antibiotic, antiallergic

Headaches are common and there’s nothing better than a good Painkiller to take those hours. (Dorflex, Anador, Miorrelax, Asa). In certain regions, with much vegetation or moisture, can occur as the fevers Arboviruses (caused due to the presence of many trees and characterized by bleeding) – so it is good to counteract with antipyretics, like dipyrone and paracetamol in the first aid kit.

Antibiotics are useful in case of insect bites, cuts (very carefully with the hooks) and other injuries (there are ointments and oral remedies). Be careful also with antiallergic, taking topical and oral medications (they can combine well with anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics).

Gauzes, band-AIDS and dressings in General

The gas there are of different types:

  • In patties, wrapped separately;
  • In bandages, in the form of rolls;
  • In Wad (to my eyes).

Take rolls of tape and packaging with Adhesive dressings (band-AIDS). They are very useful to protect cuts and wounds of the contact with the external environment, preventing infections.

Antiseptics, alcohol and cotton

There are antiseptics such as hydrogen peroxide, iodine, mercurochrome and some Bactine. These products are used to clean and desinfeccionar wounds, as well as to speed up the healing process and therefore should always be present in the first-aid kit. Alcohol can also be used to clean wounds and assist in healing, preventing against the action of fungi, bacteria and viruses. Always take cotton, it’s going to be very useful in the implementation of these and other drugs.

Products to protect your skin

During the fishery, it is possible to be too exposed to direct sunlight, either in boat , is on the ground. To avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, take protective or sunscreen. Also use moisturizing creams, especially if you have sensitive skin too much and will be exposed to salinity, moisture, dryness, to contact with vegetation and with the dust.

Take special ointments to the skin, like Hipoglós, and repellents against insects, which are usually very active in certain regions. Prevent burns and take special creams (in some cases more simple to Burns, they work; examples: Nebacetin; Ointment and Dermazine).


The neutral SOAP is very indicated for washing wounds and cuts and must be present in your first aid kit . SOAP and water are very effective on certain occasions.

Other valuable items in a first aid kit

Take small scissors to cut the bandages, tweezers, thermometer, syringe, safety pins, hot water bag (good for dislocations and pain), swabs, sterile Vaseline and glass of vinegar.

Although it seems a lot, the first aid kit involves all practical and organized! It is always better to prevent yourself! Evaluate the location where fishing and gather the items needed most!

And you, usually to guard in his sport fisheries? Which leads in your first aid kit? Contribute to this post and leave your tip!