Well Dressed Casual

Reflection: In recent years, it has been debated feverishly about how Mr courage moved towards the well-dressed. It has frossats in preppystil, Brideshead-influences, brogues, double-breasted jackets and cable cashmere sweaters. But in this wave of Slow Fashion, it’s easy to miss how well dressed courage clearly avdramatiserats and become increasingly freer.

Ostrukna shirts, unlined jackets, cotton trousers and deck shoes. It is difficult to not welcome in a fashion that is as chic as convenient. The trend was clear as early as last spring, when chinosen seriously broke through at the Swedish fashion scene. After years of narrow jeans fashion grew a more casual and more elegant style front. Classic with a twist, became classic for modern requirements.

Distinctive and last years acclaimed brands like Lanvin, Burberry or Yves Saint Laurent permeated all of one style with very light materials and constructions. More often than not has the clothes a totally natural case, creating a clear contrast to, for example, Thom Browne or Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme who have been influential in the 21st century with relative svårburna clothing that puts high demands on the wearer’s body shape. But even brands with significantly lower degree of fashion has embraced the style, often through a somewhat murrigare interpretation of preppymode.

What is particularly interesting about this development is how the largely based in our way of wearing clothes. The boundary between a formal and informal attire has become increasingly blurred. A dress code may be suitable as well for a party that is living.Garment that many shy away from wearing in order not to risk to feel stiff and all dressed up has become increasingly casual, which few get to argue with it as something negative.For it is, in many ways, liberating not having to discuss the stylish fashion on the basis of style rules and dress codes to instead chase a relaxed elegant style that allows for a more personal touch. Bring it on in 2009!