Week 21: You Are 21 Weeks Pregnant

Week 21: You are 21 weeks and a certain number of days pregnant! Some call it the 22nd week of pregnancy. (Find out more about the calculation of your week of pregnancy.)

How your baby in this SSW developed

Head should be your baby to toe now nearly 27 centimeters long. His eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed, and fingernails have formed on his tiny fingers. Make sure from now on more precisely on what you say, because now your baby can hear probably. You can talk to him, speak, sing or read aloud.

Some researchers have found that a newborn baby with a lot drinking more panache, while reading to him from a book, that often heard it during his time in the belly. Take a classic, a book from your own childhood or one of your favorite books – what ever you like, going to your baby too.

Read more about the development of your baby in this week of pregnancy.
If you want to know how the child looks, which you will read in the next few weeks then you consider animated video for the 21 to 27 weeks of pregnancy our 3-D.

So, my life changed

It is difficult to move yet elegantly from a specific week of the pregnancy. Be not surprised, therefore, if you’re clumsy these days. You carry around a lot of extra weight, your center of gravity has shifted by the growing uterus, and also the ligaments in the hand and foot joints become loose due to the pregnancy hormones. Watch where you step. And if you have not already done it, now make the high-heeled shoes for the coming weeks in the closet. Complicate the balance, and also get back pain away. Learn more ways to prevent back pain in our video with Nancy.

Nevertheless, you must not run in sackcloth and ashes. You can wear stylish and yet comfortable maternity clothes that advantageous emphasizes your new curves.

You sometimes wonder how much weight you end the pregnancy to be took? If it sometimes is a real issue for women (because the kilos must download Yes again!), physicians see this now very calmly: so long you feel comfortable, the extra pounds are no problem. Think as well and indulge yourself a break for your figure. Not already stress themselves with diet in mind for the time after birth. Her body is in the first few months after the pregnancy all nutrients he need to get the can, because the deposits are then empty.

Attract your midwife or your doctor / health care professional but when your weight suddenly soars upwards or downwards. Then measured that fits your waist to your week of pregnancy. If you are clearly “bigger” than normal, then the reason must be found out.

I have discovered a quick remedy for swollen feet. I wrap them in cold wet towels before I put it up.


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