Wedding Nails – Perfect Shades to Your Dress

The perfect man you have already snapped, the wedding nails of your dreams you can now leave to genuine nagelexperten.

From the application to the honeymoon, essie has the perfect colors for your personal happy ending.

We introduce you the new nail polish for enchanting wedding nails:

The bridal 2015 collection by essie.

The experienced nail expert has the right nail design for your wedding – from semitransparent nuances to pin-tones to every whiteness of the wedding dress.So you can be sure that your look is all around perfect when your lover puts your finger on the finger.

Wedding nails in the perfect shade

These great colors have the essie in the program – 6 of them from the classic Bridal Collection and 6 more in the limited Bridal Collection 2015 – and also the appropriate names come, so that your nails for the wedding are anything but boring:

Tying the knotie – Semitransparent flowery pink

With your angelic beauty and this exquisite semitransparent real pink, the marriage can only be heavenly – with these wedding nails you float on cloud seven.

Hubby for dessert – Zuckersüßes Zartlila

Gently.Sweet.Magnificently.This irresistible semi-transparent Zartlila is a sugary temptation and perfect for stylish wedding nails.

Worth the wait – Pink and a touch of coral

Will she do it or maybe not?With this pink and delicate hint of coral, he remains hopefully devoted to you until you finally say yes …

Brides to be – breathed cheeks red with an idea caramel

The Gästeliste.The invitation.Oh, the dress!This softly breathed cheek red with an idea caramel lets you approach the to-do list with style and grace.

Brides no grooms – Heiteres Junggesellinnen-Pink

Just the right thing for a busy hen party.Radiant, wild, cheerful – better, the “old life” can not end.

Happy wife happy life – Bright red orange

This bright red orange is the key to a long and fulfilled marriage: if you are happy, it is your family, too.

Pearly white – A classic, luxurious platinum white

Irresistible, charming, charming!With this hue, you and your nails shine twice to the wedding.

Allure – Seductive!

This seductive semitransparent nail polish with a natural finish matches a princess and is a favorite among many breeds around the world.
Perfect for a reserved nail look.

Sugardaddy – Sweet pink

Spoil yourselves with a sweet pink.This mild, semitransparent nuance has everything you need from a pretty nail polish to the wedding.

Ballet slippers – Award-winning classic pink roses

The nail polish in classic Zartrosa of essieziert a fine, semitransparent finish.This hotly-loved, award-winning nuance is an iconic color for all seasons.

Mademoiselle – Classic, adult pink

Say “yes” to the most classic and adult pink.This award-winning and eternally fashionable semitransparent nuance is appreciated by stylists all over the world.

Vanity fairest – shimmering pastel pink

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is the ideal shimmering color?Ladies, this slightly shimmering nail polish in semitransparen Pastel pink is simply the best.

Where can you get the limited bridal 2015 collection? From May 2015 it is available for approx. 10,49 € per color and also as a mini kit in the drug store specialist trade.

Our tip: compare wedding nails

Find your favorite colors from the essie bridal 2015 collection on WeddingSupplyChain and make a funny wedding nails evening with your best friends.

Who else could choose your nageldesign for the wedding better than your girls?

Do not forget: Your bridesmaids also need chic wedding nails.Check out all the colors and vote which is right for your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses – that will be fun …!

Wedding nails from professional

If you are looking for something extravagant for the wedding nails, go to a salon and test the essie pro look.Let petals, zebra or haute couture look for your nails to the wedding conjure.

So you make sure you look for it and your loved one will be amazed when he infects you with the ring.You are always good for a surprise …!