Web Giants Plan to Enable IPv6 Permanently in June

On June 8 last year came the World IPv6 Day in which companies linked to the internet activated for a day support for new IP format, for test purposes. Giants like Google, Facebook and Yahoo! now support the protocol for 24 hours to learn how the Internet would behave. In a little more than five months, they should again enable support for IPv6, this time permanently.

This time called World IPv6 Launch and scheduled for June 6 this year, the event will feature several companies besides those already mentioned, such as Bing and Microsoft. American Internet providers like Comcast and Time Warner Cable and telecoms such as AT & T will also participate and activate the new protocol on. Here in Brazil the only two sites to confirm participation so far are the Earth and conscript portals.

Cisco router manufacturers and D-Link also confirmed that their network equipment currently sold already supports IPv6 without the need for additional configuration and should run smoothly on that day. Other manufacturers interested in having their certificates network equipment must check in World IPv6 Launch site where the following procedure.

To test if your computer or network from your provider will have problems on launch day, Google released this page and Nic.Br clarifies several doubts that here. And if you want to test IPv6 before your provider to activate it, follow a quick guide at the end of this paper to learn how to use SixXS, a service with exactly this purpose.