Wear The Poncho Properly – We Show You How It Works!

This autumn my heart beats for the poncho. In terms of clothing, I like it easy – and that is exactly what I value on the poncho: He is just insane UNCOMPLICATED. Before I leave the house in the morning, I throw my poncho over these days. Finished! And the best thing: I can wear my hot jeans jacket in October. In this golden October weather I can even get off without a jacket.

Originally the poncho comes from the South American countries. The classic poncho looks like a blanket with a slit in the middle, through which the head can be put. Meanwhile, the poncho has established itself as a coat-like cape without sleeves. Ponchos are now available in the most diverse color and pattern variations: this autumn, particularly gray and delicate pastel tones are announced. The fabrics are mottled, plaid or striped.

The fact that the poncho is still quite diverse, I will show you today in my contribution. I have just put together my favorite variations on the topic “wear poncho correctly”.

Wear the poncho correctly – wear variant 1

In contrast to this, the poncho is laid casually over the shoulders and swings loosely. In combination with a blouse and clutch, this creates a truly elegant look. Personally, the look is too chic for the day, so I prefer to combine a Destroyed Jeans.

Wear the poncho correctly – wear variant 2

I belong to the women who are always “cold” at the neck. Since the rule applies: poncho or scarf, I like to swing one end of the poncho over the shoulder. So my neck stays warm and you also show something more of what you wear under the poncho.

Wear the poncho correctly – wear variant 3

Wear variant 3 is rather something for petite women, but I’ll show you the look anyway. With a waist belt, you can put your poncho into your placket and emphasize your waist. Ankle boots with heel and heel stretch.

So now I’m really curious what look you like the best. Please tell me at the bottom of the commentary.

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